Dwayne Haskins: 5 Best Teams for Recently Waived QB

After a bad performance in Week 16, Washington Football Team second year quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been waived.  This is relatively big news for the team as well as the NFL, as he did not complete 2 years with the team before being cut.  As the 4th QB taken in the 2019 draft, at pick 15, he had relatively high expectations coming into his rookie year.  This did not go well. He ended his rookie campaign going 2-5 with the team and throwing 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  This only got worse this year, going 1-5 and throwing 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  Overall, he has had a relatively rough start to his career.

With that said, he still has upside as a player.  If he can focus on football and really put his mind to it, he could perform like he did in college.  If he were to have a relatively strong coaching staff around him who can work with him over time to develop, he should have a chance.  The issue is, which teams will be willing to give him that shot?  Here are the 5 teams I think would be best suited to help get him on the right track.

New Orleans Saints

This both should and shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you.  A team that has taken in 2 disheveled quarterbacks in recent years (Teddy Bridgewater and Jameis Winston). The team worked with them to get better at their game.  Teddy Bridgewater turned out very well for the Saints, going 5-0 in the absence of Drew Brees. Then, leaving for Carolina to sign a 3 year 60 million dollar deal with the Panthers.  Jameis has yet to have a full chance at starting. However, Sean Payton has said that he should get a chance next year to start on the team if he re-signs.  

If the Saints want to make this move now, it will create a QB lineup for the Saints that should work in the coming years.  Let Haskins, Winston, and Taysom Hill learn from Drew Brees in his last games as an NFL player.  Once he retires, likely this year, you give Winston the starting shot next year.  If he cannot perform?  You have a young Haskins to work with.  Giving Haskins some of the best weapons in the league with Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Alvin Kamara should help him tremendously.  With the Saints also having a formidable offensive line, this should give Haskins time to make decisions rather than scramble or throw poor passes.  It would be a low risk and possibly high reward decision for the Saints if they can get him on a cheap deal, which they should be able to.

New England Patriots

This one is relatively self explanatory.  A team who is struggling to find an identity post-Tom Brady, and has a struggling quarterback in Cam Newton.  After this year, Newton will be a free agent again, which leaves them with Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham.  If they are willing to start Hoyer for a year, and get some weapons around him in the draft/free agency, he could teach Haskins as well for a bit.  Getting the offense set and schemes down around him, they could put Haskins in later in the year and give him his chance to shine.

One issue with this as of now is he likely would fail if immediately started.  The Patriots have been rough in the weapons department. They could really use a franchise defining wide receiver or tight end.  If they can get one, putting Haskins in to throw to them would be a cheap and possibly strong option for Bill Belichick.  Bill will also be able to get Haskins into a more thoughtful and team oriented mindset. He could also really teach him a few things to benefit his game, like how to read a defense.  As a coach who has been around the NFL for quite some time, he surely has other things to teach a younger player.  

Pittsburgh Steelers

A very similar situation to the New England Patriots here with the Steelers.  However they have one thing the Patriots lack, offensive weapons.  While Ben Roethlisberger said he will likely continue in the NFL next year, this would give Haskins time to develop behind him and play if needed.  Then when Big Ben’s time is up, you have an heir that knows the system very well.  Putting him with all of these young talented receivers would highly benefit his game.  To list a few, Chase Claypool, Juju Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson, Ray-Ray McCloud, etc.  

Mike Tomlin is another coach who doesn’t mess around when it comes to drama.  We saw it with Antonio Brown, and he got traded very quickly.  We also saw it with Le’Veon Bell, who they let walk in free agency after some team drama with Ben.  Haskins would quickly come out of his college kid form, and learn to be more thoughtful on the field, and work with his team.  Being on the other side of one of the best defenses in the league will also help as if he makes mistakes they will be slightly less costly to the team.

Chicago Bears

Chicago is one of the more interesting fits in my opinion.  Provided the Bears can get a few more offensive weapons and lineman, this could be a good fit for him.  Giving him the proficient run game with David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen will take some of the work off of his shoulders.  I think working with a coach like Matt Nagy could show him a few things as well, considering he was the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator only 2 years ago.  He was also a quarterback him self in the AFL, so maybe he has a few things to teach.  

This would give the Bears an opportunity to move on from Mitchell Trubisky, and keep Nick Foles to mentor Haskins a bit. Or vice versa.  This would also change up the Bears offensive style. Giving them a more mobile quarterback who can leave the pocket if needed.  With the relatively limited strength they have in their offensive line recently, having that movement could be a huge factor in their success long term.  Provided Haskins actually works in this system, they would also have a future QB option to possibly draw Allen Robinson II back this offseason for a contract.   

Minnesota Vikings

This is probably the most unlikely of the 5 teams, however it is still possible.  With Kirk Cousins being a not so great signing looking at it in the long term, they really need a future option at the position.  After a breakout season from rookie WR Justin Jefferson, they need someone who is capable of staying there long term and getting the ball to him.  While defense is a pressing matter for this team, a cheap QB deal who could take over for Cousins in the coming years could also be a nice addition.  With their interior offensive line being somewhat weak now, having someone mobile behind center could do them wonders in reducing sack numbers and increasing offensive consistency.

While the team has very little cap room, getting Haskins on a small deal to sit behind Cousins and maybe learn a few things is a smart choice.  There isn’t much to lose for them really with this signing, besides a tiny bit of cap space.  It is definitely a better option than getting a rookie QB, as Haskins already has NFL experience, as little as it may be. 

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