San Francisco Giants: J.T. Realmuto Should Not Sign With Them

As we get closer to the new year, catcher J.T. Realmuto is still a free agent. Where should he sign? I don’t believe the San Francisco Giants are a good match.

Realmuto is the best backstop in the MLB today and it’s no contest.

He wants a huge contract, but he might have to adjust his way of thinking.

J.T. could return to Philadelphia or he could land with the New York Yankees, but it’s hard to tell which teams could be mystery clubs.

With all this talk about why teams are good fits for his services, I think it’s important to examine why the San Francisco Giants would not be a good fit for J.T.

Here we go.

Not Ready to Contend

The San Francisco Giants are not a World Series team and are not likely to be classified as a playoff team either.

They should be going through a rebuild, especially since they need a better lineup. J.T. Realmuto can’t fix their lineup by himself.

Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and Donovan Solano are some of the notable players in the San Fran lineup.

But, the Giants might need to move on from those players.

The NL West includes the World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

The San Francisco Giants could use a more effective starting rotation as well.

Johnny Cueto, Kevin Gausman, and Anthony DeSclafani are set to be a part of the starting five in 2021.

We are also trying to figure out who will become the young core of the Giants for years to come.

Catcher Joey Bart has seven RBIs in 103 at-bats, but he is supposed to be a prospect with a lot of promise.

Gabe Kapler

Realmuto played under Gabe Kapler for one season, before the Phillies let him go.

I’m not sure if J.T. Realmuto would want to play for Kap again, but it’s something he should think about.

With Kapler making too many lousy decisions during his managerial tenure in Philly, that might hurt the San Francisco Giants’ chances of signing Realmuto.

It would make more sense for J.T. Realmuto to sign with the Yankees, Phillies, or the Atlanta Braves.

The Yankees are always competitive. The Phils have the money and just improved their front office and Atlanta could win the NL East yet again.

Lone Ranger

If J.T. Realmuto signs with the San Francisco Giants, he would most likely be the lone All-Star on the team.

The Giants could afford to pay Realmuto, but he shouldn’t just chase the money.

Evan Longoria, Belt, and Crawford are wearing down.

Alex Dickerson (92 career RBIs), Mauricio Dubon (28 career RBIs), and Mike Yastrzemski (90 career RBIs) don’t appear as though they are the future faces of the Giants lineup.

I doubt J.T. would enjoy being the only hitter in San Francisco’s lineup that drives in runs consistently.

During the MLB’s last 162-game season, Realmuto had 25 homers and 83 ribbies in his first year in Philly. Last year, during the 60-game slate, J.T. had 11 homers and 32 RBIs.

Do you think J.T. Realmuto should consider going to the San Francisco Giants? Leave a comment below.

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