Fantasy Football: Which Players Contributed to This Weeks PPR Flop

This week in fantasy football PPR leagues, we saw one of the biggest down periods for scoring across the board. A lot, and I mean A LOT of players let their fantasy owners down by underperforming to extreme extents. In this article, I will be going over some of the most prominent ones, as well as why they flopped this week. I will also give a recommendation as to whether or not you should start them next week in the playoffs.

These point values will be based upon a standard PPR league on ESPN Fantasy.

Keenan Allen (2.6 Points)

Starting off with probably the worst in terms of projected to produce, we have Keenan Allen.  Coming into the week he was projected somewhere in the range of 17-20 points against the Las Vegas Raiders.  Boy did that not go as planned for absolutely anyone.  Getting only 1 reception for 17 yards the whole game, and one rush for -1 yard.  He was also targeted only 3 times throughout the game, which is something to note.  The reason for this lack of production, as many of us know, is due to his designation of limited snaps prior to the game.  This being because of a lingering hamstring injury from week 14 which hindered his success this week.

As of now, I would definitely start Keenan Allen unless you have a significantly better option in week 16.  After getting a game under his belt with the injury, he should be ready to get back to normal or close to normal snaps.  He will also be going up against a Denver Broncos secondary that was absolutely TORCHED by Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley last week.  Both receivers had over 100 yards (Diggs with 147, Beasley with 112). With that said, I would expect a high points performance from Keenan no doubt.  In Keenan’s last game against Denver earlier this year he had 9 receptions for 67 yards and a touchdown (21.7 points).  These two things alone should allow you to trust him with a starting role this week.

Robby Anderson (4.0 Points)

This is one that was half expected but half not expected in my case.  Coming into the week Robby Anderson was projected in the low teens range (13-15).  Once the game started it was obvious that he would not reach anywhere near that amount of points.  Hauling in 2 receptions for 21 yards and rushing for -1 yard.  This was an extremely down week for a player who has put up double-digit scoring in all of his games minus 3 as of this week.  

Next week is definitely an interesting question with Robby, going up against a formidable Washington Football Team secondary.  The WFT will be fighting as hard as possible to maintain their NFC East lead. With that said, this could lead to a Carolina Panthers struggle.  With Christian McCaffrey also returning, however, this could open up the passing lane a bit more provided he plays.  My recommendation would be unless CMC starts, I would not play Anderson this week.  If CMC plays, put Anderson in at flex or WR2, but have other options on standby prior to the game if Christian is a game-time decision.  

Raheem Mostert (6.8 Points)

This poor production from Raheem Mostert was less of a bad game and more of an injury issue.  He appeared to re-aggravate his high ankle sprain from earlier in the season, which is bad for fantasy football owners.  Going up against the worst rushing defense in the league in the Dallas Cowboys, his production should have skyrocketed.  But he seemed to be hampered most of the game by that ankle and struggled mightily to get some traction.  He did get a lot of attempts though which was a good sign, rushing 14 times for 68 yards in the game.  However, he was still not utilized in the passing game at all with 0 receptions.  With receiving yards being a large part of his fantasy impact, that hurt his numbers badly.

Next week is really a throw up with him.  If he is healthy enough to play, which is unknown as of now, I would 100% use him at flex or RB2.  Going up against the Arizona Cardinals again, who he had his season-high 25.1 points on, could benefit him.  If he is to play this game as the lead back, he could definitely produce big time for your playoff lineup.  I would definitely try to get a Jeff Wilson Jr. off waivers or whichever back will be starting for the 49ers this week, provided Mostert does not play.  

Update: As I am writing this we have received news from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that Raheem Mostert’s season is “likely over after suffering another high-ankle sprain on his previously injured ankle.” With that said, I recommend dropping him. This injury will likely not recover within a 2 week span.

Jason Sanders (1.0 Point)

Now kickers are something that most people overlook a bit when it comes to bad weeks.  Jason Sanders had 1 point against the New England Patriots, who they beat 22-12.  As someone who has been swapping back and forth with Younghoe Koo for the #1 fantasy kicker, this is a week that pushed his value down quite a bit.  He missed his lone field-goal attempt (52 yarder with 0:05 left in the half) and made 2 PATs to bring him into the positive points range.  This is something that could be the difference between moving onto the next round of your fantasy football playoff series and losing it.

Next week I highly recommend taking the chance and starting him again.  We could see a large portion of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive weapons return in this game.  To list the main 3, Mike Gesicki, Myles Gaskin, and DeVante Parker.  With all or most of these weapons retuning, we should see more scores by the Dolphins’ offense, leading to more PATs.  Or, we should at least see more opportunities for field goals and letting Sanders kick a few at least.

Wayne Gallman (2.9 Points)

Finally, we have New York Giants running back Wayne Gallman.  The Giants could not get anything going on the ground this week, between both of their starting RBs.  This is likely due in part to them having a very poor interior line and the Cleveland Browns’ relentless front-7.  Wayne only had 9 rushing attempts, gathering 29 yards, and had 0 receptions as well.  This was killer for some fantasy teams, as for the last 7 weeks while he has started, he has produced at least double digits.  This is just one of those performances that is killer to anyone who started him in the playoffs of their fantasy football league.

Next week I do not have high hopes for Gallman either. They will be facing a relatively tough run defense in the Baltimore Ravens, who have been solid against mid-tier backs. I would think that his projected 9.8 is pretty fair, so if you have nothing better than that then you can flex him. Otherwise, I don’t think his production will be anything insane. His boom ceiling according to ESPN is 11.6, and his bust floor is 3.1. I would rather not take the chance that he gets you 3.1 instead of 9.8 or 11.6.

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