Washington Football Team: Four Winnable Games on the Horizon

The Washington Football Team is making noise over these last three weeks of the 2020 NFL Season. They produce their crucial multi-game winning streak (3 games). In those three games, they beat the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, and the previously undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. We are directly heading into the final quarter of the season. Washington’s schedule is exceptionally favorable for the way the team is performing. In this article, we will look at the final four games and offer our prediction on how the Washington Football Team will finish.

The Schedule

Week 14

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are experiencing a ton of injuries. Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, and Nick Bosa represent just a couple of the names out for this team. Last year’s NFC Champions are definitely not the same team. However, they are a fighter and will give Washington everything they have.  

Washington will need to stay the course in their game plan. The coaching staff has done an excellent with their scheming over the past few weeks. For Washington to be successful in week 14 they must have a solid defensive game plan to prevent the run and make Nick Mullens batter them.

Week 15

Seattle Seahawks

The game against the Seahawks is very winnable. This Seattle team suffers some issues defensively. Absolutely, they have got better with the acquisition of Carlos Dunlap. Despite that, they still have issues.

Offensively, Washington will admittedly have its hands full with DK Metcalf and Russell Wilson. These two should represent the focus of the Washington defense.

Washington can dominate this game with their ability to advance the ball on offense. Since the QB change to Kyle Allen, the offense has been able to stay on the field, complete 3rd downs, and adequately maintain balance. They will naturally need this again in week 15.

Week 16

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have typically shown they can be a good football team. The issue with them has endured injuries. Star RB Christian McCaffrey has unfortunately missed a majority of the season after being hurt twice. There have, furthermore, been nit-picking injuries on the rest of the team as well. Nevertheless, they are battle-tested. Teddy Bridgewater is a solid QB. They, in addition, have a decent set of receivers.

Washington cannot look past this notable game. If they do, they could naturally get themselves instantly caught in the proverbial trap game. If the team stays focused and continues to play great football, this could be the game that decides their playoff fate.

Week 17

Philadelphia Eagles

Many were pointing to this game as a notable game for the division. Now that the Eagles are undoubtedly playing catchup to Washington and the New York Giants that is no longer the case. Look for Washington to come out and dominate this game. The offensive line for the Eagles is a mess. So much that they have moved to talented rookie QB Jalen Hurts. His mobility is a bit better than Carson Wentz’s. This will adequately serve the Eagles’ offense better at this pivotal point in the season.

Washington manhandled the Eagles in week one of the season. After a sluggish start, which has been common for this talented team, Washington was able to inflict no wrong in the second half of the game. Week 17 should be the same if Washington maintains the trend they are on.


The Washington Football Team faced a similar situation in 2012. They started the season at 3-6 then went on a seven-game winning streak to finish triumphantly 10-6 and instantly win the NFC East. I perceive this as a similar situation. All four of their games are very winnable. This team must stay the course with excellent defense and a ball controlling offense. If they can achieve this along with limiting their turnovers, I believe they have an extremely strong chance at running the table, finishing 9-7, and being a playoff team. Whether that is a division winner or a wild card.

The playoffs are in sight so let us make it happen.

How do you feel about the chances for the Washington Football Team in the last four weeks of the season? Leave a comment below.

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