Washington Football Team: Good, Bad, and WTF Over Dallas Cowboys

Happy Thanksgiving! It sure was for the Washington Football Team and their fans. The turkey sure tasted better after a 41-16 shellacking of the Dallas Cowboys. This was the second win over the Cowboys this season. It was the first time since 2012 that Washington swept the Cowboys. Finally, it was the first time this season that Washington played a complete game. While there was so much good that came from this game there was some bad too. In saying that, let us look at the Good, the Bad, and the WTF from the beat down of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Good

Antonio Gibson

Gibson once again took on the Cowboys single-handedly. The rookie RB/WR had three TDs on the day. All of them on the ground. Gibson ran the ball 20 times for 115 yards and those previously mentioned three TDs. To go along with his rushes Gibson also caught 5 passes for 21 yards. While he may be still learning the RB position, the young rookie is already showing he just might become one of the best young players in the game.

Terry McLaurin

McLaurin may not have found the end zone; however, he may have saved the day for the Washington Football Team. After Alex Smith threw an interception, McLaurin made the play of the day. The speedy captain chased down Jaylon Smith of the Cowboys. Tackling the LB on the 5-Yard line. The Washington defense then came out and held court. Forcing the Cowboys to a three-and-out and a FG. This hustle by Terry McLaurin saved four points and shifted the momentum.


The defense of the Washington Football Team was fantastic on the day. They constantly pressured Andy Dalton. The run defense held Ezekiel Elliott to only 32 yards on 10 carries. The pass rush had four sacks on the afternoon. Montez Sweat even had a pick-six to cap off the scoring on the day. This was one of the best performances from the young defense on the season. I believe that we can expect more as they continue to grow.

Special Teams

One of our keys to this game was the kicking game. That was complete this week. Dustin Hopkins did not miss a kick on the day. Tress Way is always good. Nevertheless, what stood out was the stop of a fake punt attempt in the third quarter. While it was a bad call by the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, Washington was prepared. All players stayed home and played the respected positions. Stymieing the poor fake punt attempt.

The Bad

Slow Start

Washington continues to start games slowly. As they come down the stretch of this playoff run this will have to stop. Falling behind early and having to come back against better defenses is not a winning formula.

Washington also needs to find a way to score on their first possession of the game. They are the only team in the NFL not to score on their opening drive this season.


Nothing stood out as a WTF from Thursday. When a team comes out and completely dominates their opponent this happens.

Washington played a complete game. Next up will be a big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe Washington can go out and shock the world.

How do you feel after the Washington Football Team’s 41-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys? Leave a comment below.

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