Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson Is Missed, but W’s Can Win Games

Even though the Golden State Warriors will be missing All-Star Klay Thompson, they can find a way to win games this coming season.

Golden State needs to utilize the players they have acquired and make sure Steph Curry isn’t forced to carry the team.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the reasons the Warriors can have success this season.

More Help

Without Klay Thompson, the W’s will need other players to step up.

Golden State has done a good job building more of a complete team around Curry and Draymond Green.

During last week’s draft, the Warriors selected James Wiseman out of Memphis.

Wiseman scored 19.7 PPG and 10.7 rebounds per game.

The W’s also acquired Kelly Oubre, Jr., Kent Bazemore, and Brad Wanamaker.

The W’s can score, but shooting the three-pointer may not be their best quality next season.

I like the Curry-Andrew Wiggins combination since both guards can put the ball in the hole.

Golden State will need to hit the boards and play effective defense in order to make a deep playoff run.

I understand this isn’t a great Warriors team, but they have a more experienced bench and a better group of role players that they didn’t have last season.

Oubre, Jr., Wiseman, and Wiggins have really good upside and they will help take some of the opponents’ defenses for a loop.

They are no Klay Thompson, but they’ll be productive in their own right.

Chips on the Table

Whether the Warriors are good or not, they could get creative if need be.

For example, if the W’s are getting strong production from Wiseman or Green, they could think about trading one of the two players before the trade deadline.

If the team is playing poorly, Golden State could ship out Green, Wiggins, or Wiseman if they believe they could bring in a solid return.

The Warriors got nice production from young players during Golden State’s down year.

Eric Paschall scored 14 PPG and 4.6 RPG as the Warriors had a record of 15-50 before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus.

I know the W’s are going to be different than what they were last season and understandably so.

If Curry and Green can remain healthy for most of the season, that alone is a victory.

Going Their Way

Steve Kerr and Bob Myers have done a great job keeping the team together and they’ve earned respect.

The Warriors can survive without Klay Thompson, but they need to pass the ball well.

The W’s are also in a situation where they could reel in more free agents if need be.

If teams are going to respect the championship background that the Warriors franchise has right now, then there shouldn’t be terrible issues.

Golden State can try to make trades for Bradley Beal or they could sign a bunch of three-point studs.

Despite the Warriors recovering from a nightmarish season, they will need to navigate through the West. They will also need to find out the type of chemistry this team has while examining how the team plays on the court.

Let’s hope Klay gets a speedy recovery.

How far can the new-look Golden State Warriors go this coming season? Leave a comment below.

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