Philadelphia Phillies: Which Free Agents Should Philly Go After?

With MLB free agents being eyed to help improve different teams, the Philadelphia Phillies have to do their own homework in order to make the playoffs in 2021.

After finishing a few games under .500 this past season, there’s no room for error when it comes to signing free agents this offseason.

I don’t care if the Phillies are still looking for their ideal general manager or front office, it’s time to shape up or get ready to rebuild again.

Let’s look at some players the Phils should chase after in free agency.

Josh Tomlin

Yes, I understand the Phillies need late-inning relievers like Brad Hand and Liam Hendriks, but Tomlin adds another element.

Tomlin can pitch multiple innings at a high level and he’s proven that during his time with the Atlanta Braves.

JT is in his mid-30s, but he can still eat innings and provide valuable playoff experience to a Philly team that has a small amount.

And besides, it’s not like he would come with a high price tag.

Kirby Yates

Yates posted 41 saves during the 2019 season. That year he reached the All-Star game for San Diego.

Yates missed most of the 2020 season due to an elbow issue.

With the veteran coming off an injury, he could be a cheaper option compared to other free-agent relievers.

Plus, it would be nice to take away a quality arm from a league rival aka the San Diego Padres.

We can only assume other relievers like Alex Colome and Shane Greene would require larger contracts.

The Phillies have a history of signing players to cheap contracts, at least in recent years.

Marcell Ozuna

Ozuna can play the outfield and will smack the baseball with a powerful swing.

It’s important for the Phillies to give their lineup a boost.

Rhys Hoskins will most likely miss all of the 2021 season and there’s a good chance J.T. Realmuto walks in free agency.

Wouldn’t it make sense to replenish the production that is being lost?

I’m not sure of all the players who could be traded this offseason, but if there isn’t a hitter worth trading for then Philly needs to go after Ozuna pronto.

Charlie Morton

Morton has pitched in big games and he has learned how to pitch in part because of the late Roy Halladay, who once pitched in a Phillies uniform.

Morton can still be an effective arm in a rotation and he has a good strikeout ratio over the last couple of years.

He wouldn’t get a huge contract and would instantly help this Phillies pitching staff.

I know Morton used to play for the Phils, but this is a different Philly team than the one he was a part of.

It’s important for the Phillies to stop messing around and sign players who can play well in big moments.

Now is the time to get things done and done well.

Whether the Phils make Jeff Kingston and Theo Epstein the leaders of their front office or not, fans have no patience and want results now.

Can the Philadelphia Phillies make the right moves this offseason? Leave a comment below.

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