Washington Football Team: Five Keys to Success vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Washington Football Team is having a tough go over the past couple of weeks. They have lost their last three games by seven points. Week 11 brings a new challenge. They face another young, up and coming team in the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow is playing well and keeping this team competitive. It is going to be a tough task for Washington but one they should be able to conquer. In saying that, here are the keys for Washington to be successful in beating the Bengals.

Fast Start

Again, in week ten Washington was hurt by a slow start. Especially by the defense. Week in and week out during this losing streak the first half of games is bad. The light does not come on until the team goes into the locker room at halftime. For Washington to be successful in week 11 this will need to change. If it does not, Sunday could be a long afternoon.


The linebackers on the Washington defense have not had a very good season. Teams have been able to run on this defense just as in years past. Even with five first-round picks across the front line, teams have been able to run. This is due to the linebackers not being in their gaps. If this defense is to be successful in week 11, the linebackers are going to have to be better in their gap responsibility.


Washington has struggled to get pressure on the QB as of late. That will need to change to be successful. Getting pressure, especially on a young QB. While Burrow is mobile if Washington can bring pressure and disguise blitzes, they should have a successful afternoon. If they allow Burrow to have time, he will be able to pick them apart.

Third Down

In the last month, Washington has the best offense on third down. This has been a huge improvement since the benching of Dwayne Haskins. However, on the other side, they cannot get off the field. The defense needs to do a better job of forcing teams into third-down situations. Once the defense does this, they then need to stop them. Doing this will get Washington back on the right track.


Washington has been killing itself with untimely penalties. They have had some very strong drives during this stretch that have been stopped by penalties. The team can rectify these issues with self-discipline. With Washington avoiding self-destruction, this team will have a great opportunity to be in the thick of things down the stretch.

While it is not an ideal situation, Washington is still in the middle of the NFC East Division Race. They are going to need to tighten some things up so they can move forward. They are young and winning the division-no matter the record-will go a long way for the culture of this franchise. Washington can do it if they focus on being better in the first half of ball games. That starts on Sunday.

What are your keys for Washington to beat the Cincinnati Bengals? Leave a comment below.

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