NFL: Week 11 Game by Game Predictions

Week 11 in the NFL begins with a key divisional matchup on TNF. Sunday also caps off our weekend with several big games. Finally, Monday wraps the beginning of our week with a solid NFC matchup. Here is a look at how these games might play out.

Byes include: 5-5 Chicago Bears, 4-6 San Francisco 49ers, 3-7 New York Giants, 7-3 Buffalo Bills

Thursday, November 19th

(6-3)Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks(6-3) at 8:20 PM ET on FOX

I think the Arizona Cardinals ride the momentum off the win against the Buffalo Bills and get an important head-to-head tiebreaker versus the Seattle Seahawks. No overtime this time, but the final margin is close again: Arizona 36 Seattle 33.

Sunday, November 22nd

(3-6)Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints(7-2) at 1:00 PM ET on FOX

Last year, the Atlanta Falcons surprised the New Orleans Saints at about the same stage of last season. With the concerns surrounding the injury to Drew Brees, I think Atlanta gets the result, 23-17.

(6-3)Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens(6-3) at 1:00 PM ET on CBS

Psychologically, both teams could use the result after less than ideal performances recently. There are a plethora of teams in the American Football Conference Wild Card picture with the same records as these two have. The Baltimore Ravens get back at the team that ended their campaign, 28-21.

(2-6-1)Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team(2-7) at 1:00 PM ET on CBS

Sometimes when teams are out of the playoffs, there can be some fireworks. For that reason, I expect a lot of points in this game. Cincinnati 40 Washington 39 after the Bengals break up a two-point conversion in the final minute of the game.

(9-0)Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-8) at 1:00 PM ET on CBS

Jacksonville has a tendency to match up well against Pittsburgh since they were rivals in the old AFC Central Division of the NFL. I do not expect that to be the case Sunday. The Steelers win in convincing fashion, 30-9.

(4-5)New England Patriots at Houston Texans(2-7) at 1:00 PM ET on CBS

The Patriots have a lot of work to do even after a big victory in the pouring rain versus the Baltimore Ravens. An effective running game sees New England even their record. Patriots 31 Texans 21 by game’s end.

(4-5)Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers(3-7) at 1:00 PM ET on FOX

Both teams are used to playing in close games. I will give the edge to Detroit since they have made winning plays to keep themselves in the NFL Playoff Picture. Lions 21 Panthers 17 will be the outcome in Charlotte.

(3-5-1)Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns(6-3) at 1:00 PM ET on FOX

I think Philadelphia will be eager to get back on winning terms after a disappointing loss to the New York Giants. That being said, Cleveland continues to remember that they are a ground and pound team with Nick Chubb back. The Eagles’ offense moves the ball effectively, but the Browns defense tightens up in the red zone as they did versus the Texans. Cleveland forces two turnovers, the latter sowing up a 17-13 win for the home team.

(0-9)New York Jets at Los Angeles Chargers(2-7) at 4:05 PM ET on CBS

Sure, the Los Angeles Chargers have been poor in finishing games, but this week, they will not have to address it. The New York Jets will sneak in win number one down the road, but in this fixture, the Chargers are on the right side of a 27-17 decision.

(6-3)Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos(3-6) at 4:05 PM ET on CBS

The Dolphins start slow, behind 14-3, but Brian Flores makes a few adjustments at halftime. Complimentary football is on display in the second thirty minutes, and it helps get Miami to their seventh NFL win of the year, 35-20.

(2-7)Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings(4-5) at 4:25 PM ET on FOX

Regardless of who is in the backfield for the Minnesota Vikings, it should be another good day for the offense. Despite a hard effort in their last outing against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas will have trouble sustaining drives, so the defense is gassed. Vikings win comfortably, 40-10.

(7-2)Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts(6-3) at 4:25 PM ET on FOX

There will be many lead changes. The Indianapolis Colts, knowing that Tennessee got beat earlier in the day, are able to take advantage in the NFL’s AFC South. Indianapolis scores a late touchdown to win an exciting game, 27-24.

(8-1)Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders(6-3) at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

The Las Vegas Raiders started slow out of the gate, but I definitely believe in what they are doing. Like the earlier meeting between these two teams in Kansas City, the scoreboard operator will need to make sure he/she has extra batteries at the ready. In a surprise to many, Las Vegas sweeps the Chiefs, 45-42 thanks to Derek Carr’s four touchdown passes and Josh Jacob’s 200-yard performance on the ground.

Monday, November 23rd

(6-3)Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-3) at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

Though the New Orleans Saints do have the inside track in the NFC South, Tampa Bay is still a team that no one wants to face if Ronald Jones and the rushing attack are on point. The Los Angeles Rams have not looked invincible away from southern California, so I have the score reading: Buccaneers 35 Rams 24.

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