Washington Football Team: Good, Bad, and WTF vs Detroit Lions

The Washington Football Team suffered another heartbreaking loss on Sunday. This time to the hands/foot of the Detroit Lions. It is amazing at what such bad luck this team is having. They do everything right to get back into the game and then boom, the heartbreaks. While Washington is still in the hunt for the NFC East, you have to wonder if that is what they should be playing for. Nonetheless, they are right in the thick of it. There are also plenty of winnable games left on their schedule to complete the feat. Meanwhile, there was plenty to talk about from Sunday’s loss. Thus, without further ado let us look at the Good, Bad, and WTF from Sunday’s loss to the Lions.

The Good

Alex Smith

We had talked about Smith in our keys to victory. While he did not have any TD passes, he played phenomenally. Smith was the reason that Washington was able to come back in this game. He had everything clicking for him yesterday. Smith also showed tremendous escape-ability and surprise mobility. As long as Washington is still in the playoff race, Smith is the QB. He gives the Washington Football Team the best chance to win.


The receiving corps of the Washington Football Team is coming into its own. Cam Sims, Terry McLaurin, Steven Sims, and Isaiah Wright are starting to make believers out of this author. We all knew McLaurin was the real deal. However, the rest of the group is growing up as well. You can even throw in TE Logan Thomas and Washington is growing a quality NFL receiving group.

The Bad


What is up with the so-called top-notch defense? While they have had their moments, they certainly are being very giving. The Lions ran to the tune of 105 yards on 21 carries. That is average 5 yards per carry. With five number one picks across the front of this defense, there should not be that big of an average.

However, this may not be the fault of the front. Jack Del Rio needs to get on his linebackers. They are not maintaining gap responsibility in most cases. If they cannot plug the hole in this ship–linebacker–then, it will be the main result of Washington taking on enough water that they cannot fish out.


Again, penalties cost Washington a legitimate chance at winning. I have said it for the past two weeks. They are not good enough to overcome stupid penalties. The biggest of them all was the RTP on Chase Young. Even as a rookie, you have to know that three steps are too many and to leave the QB alone. He is young and will learn but those types of things are costly.

Kicking Game

It may be time for Washington to look at a new foot. Dustin Hopkins has had his struggles this season. There have been a couple of clutch kicks that he has missed. These kicks could have swung momentum in favor of Washington. Heck, those kicks may have given them a lead in a couple of games. When a team is playing such close games down the stretch, it is crucial to have special teams you can count on. Right now, I am not sure Washington has that with Hopkins.


Slow Starts

The Washington Football Team remains the only team in the NFL to not score on their opening drive. On Sunday that looked like it was going to change. Then they lost 24 consecutive yards and had to punt.

These slow starts are not always on the offense. The defense needs to hold its own as well. They often come out in the first half and are obliterated. Then the offense is playing catchup. Meanwhile, the defense is doing its thing in the second half. If both sides could put it all together in the first half of ball games, this team could be well in front of this putrid division.

The Washington Football Team had yet to play a complete game. It is scary to think about what that would/could look like. There is tons of talent on this team. It just needs to be put together.

How do you feel about the Washington Football Team after their loss on Sunday? What did you see as good or bad? Leave a comment below.

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