New York Giants: Is Joe Judge the Next Brian Flores?

Bill Belichick assistant head coaches have not had a good reputation of being good coaches in the NFL. Josh McDaniels has not done well and Matt Patricia isn’t doing well with the Detroit Lions. However, Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins is starting to make a name for himself. Is Joe Judge also starting to do the same with the New York Giants?

Well, New York is only 2-7, but they are playing very hard under him. They have lost several one-possession games this season. This team has a lack of talent. The Giants love this coach.

This is very similar to the way Brian Flores was in Miami last season. They started the year 0-8 and finished the season 5-11.

Flores has the Dolphins at 5-3 so far this season and they have a ton of draft capital too.

Judge doesn’t have the same draft capital with the Giants as Brian Flores does. Both of those coaches have those teams paying attention to detail and they both have a defensive-minded team first as well.

Both of those coaches are working with young quarterbacks. Daniel Jones is with the New York Giants and in his second season. Tua Tagavailoa is in his rookie season with the Miami Dolphins.

Judge is maybe the next Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells, but that could be a far fetch right now. Joe Judge is definitely better than Pat Shurmur and Ben McAdoo was.

If the front office can get him the right football players, Judge is going to be coaching this football team potentially for the next decade and maybe more.

He wants to be like Bill Belichick and win multiple Super Bowls, but we will see what general manager Dave Gettleman gets him or a different general manager.

The New York Giants don’t have many draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, but they may get some more at some point before it is all said and done.

Judge hired the right assistants in order to succeed in with Jason Garrett and Patrick Graham.

Daniel Jones could potentially be the quarterback long term and Judge loves the ways he works. Jones is the heartbeat and the heart and soul of this football team. He needs to continue to limit the turnovers.

Joe Judge didn’t inherit him but is coaching to his strengths. This is very similar to the way Bill Belichick has done things with the New England Patriots.

Judge is very similar to Brian Flores because they both have similar styles and were faced with the same situation when becoming head coaches. They aren’t trying to act like Bill Belichick and this is potentially why they are both going to succeed in the long run.

With the way these two coaches have their philosophy, it wouldn’t be surprising to see each of these coaches win or reach at least one Super Bowl and maybe they could potentially play each other.

When these two coaches were last together, it was when they won the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams.

Judge was the special teams coordinator. Flores was the defensive coordinator.

Do you think Joe Judge is the next Brian Flores or no? Leave a comment below.

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