Washington Football Team: Good, Bad, and WTF vs New York Giants

The Washington Football Team took a step in the wrong direction on Sunday. While their loss to the New York Giants was not catastrophic, it was hard to swallow. Daniel Jones and the Giants just seem to have this team’s number right now. Jones is 4-0 against Washington. Going into Sunday, this felt like a game that Washington would not lose. They played well before the bye week and still have a lot to play for. However, going forward they are going to have to be better. In saying that, we take a look at the Good, Bad, and WTF from Sunday’s loss.

The Good

Alex Smith

Yes, I understand he threw three INTs. I also understand that two of those were debilitating. Nonetheless, he played much better than he did in his last game against the Los Angeles Rams. Smith finished the game 24 of 32 for 325 yards, 1 TD, and 3 INTs. The touchdown was his first in 728 days. Smith will more than likely take over the starting role after the gruesome injury to Kyle Allen. Let us see what he does with a full week of preparation.

Cam Sims

Sims was fantastic on Sunday. He made the most of four targets. Sims caught three out of the four for 110 yards. This young man is finally getting a chance to show what he has shown in past preseasons. His rapport with Alex Smith could lead to big this for this offense. I am not discrediting anything from Terry McLaurin. He is more of a YAC type player. Whereas Sims can become a big threat down the field. After all, he is 6’5” and could be a huge mismatch problem. Especially down in the Red Zone.

The Bad


The defense of the Washington Football Team was bad on Sunday. More so in the first half than overall. The slow starts by the defense are killing this team. There should be more aggression from Jack Del Rio early in the game. Make teams come after this defense. If we are aggressive, I feel that it plays into our hands of getting turnovers and making plays. When we sit back and allow the offense to dictate the happenings, we are gashed and dashed. I want to see more aggressive play calling and scheme from the defense going forward.


Washington needs to check itself when it comes to troublesome plays. There was one drive, in particular, that was shot down due to excessive penalties. This team is not good enough to overcome excessive penalties on any given drive. Penalties are correctable. Going forward the coaching staff of Washington must do a better job of correcting these mistakes or the goal is going to slip away real fast.



The Washington Football Team had five turnovers on Sunday afternoon. Just as I stated above with penalties, this team is not equipped enough to overcome multiple turnovers either. If Washington’s coaching staff is expecting to move forward in the NFC East, they will need to have a better focus on correcting these mistakes. Taking care of the football is huge when you are young and learning.

Slow Starts

Why is it that every week, outside of the game against the Dallas Cowboys, Washington falls behind early? There has to be something said about this. It is killing this football team. I am not sure if it is the offensive script or the lack of aggression on defense. Nevertheless, Washington needs to find ways to come out strong, aggressive, and fast. This can only help them in these winnable games in the next three weeks.

While the Washington Football Team is still in the race for the NFC East, Sunday’s loss hurt. It really could have been the start of a promising run over the next four weeks. Now, we look ahead to the Detroit Lions on the road. Maybe getting away from FedEx Field is what this team needs.

What do you see as Good, Bad, and WTF from Washington’s loss on Sunday? Leave a comment below.

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