USF Bulls: Three Studs vs Memphis Tigers

The way that this game ended is just how the USF Bulls season has gone. They had a 33-17 lead with just over three minutes left and lost 34-33. This was by far the best overall game I saw the Bulls play this year. As of right now head coach Jeff Scott does not have a conference win. I am not saying that if USF had beat Memphis it would have made the season a winning one. Beating the Tigers would have made it a little bit more positive. This game reminded me of the game last year when USF played the Cincinnati Bearcats. In that game, the Bulls lost the final play this game was the same. I am going to stay as positive as I can, and I will go into detail as a co-host on my Bulls Eye podcast on Tuesday night.

Spencer Shrader

This is the first time in a while that I have out a special team member as a stud. For the first time, it was great to see the USF Bulls‘ special teams be a big factor in a game. Shrader was four for four on field goals. He hit from 49,47, 41, and 46 yards. For a USF kicker that is great because it has been a problem with field goals over 40-yards. When the Bulls offense could not score touchdowns, they still got the points they needed. Hopefully, this will be a boost for him and the special teams moving forward for the USF Bulls.

Noah Johnson

We have been asking all year who should the starting quarterback be for the USF Bulls. I think we finally have an answer. This was the first game in a while that the Bulls did not have a turnover. Johnson went 20/29for 217 yards and two touchdowns. Better yet he had no fumbles unlike when they played the Temple Owls. The only blemish he had was he had 11 carries for a total of minus six yards. Johnson was a leader that the Bulls have not had all season up to this point. Hopefully, he starts in the remaining three games of the season.

Brady White

White is the reason why we are talking about a Memphis Tigers victory over the USF Bulls happened. On the final two drives, he led Memphis to a win. The Tigers are trying to claw their back up to the top of the AAC. White went 30/50 for 437 yards and four touchdowns with one interception and fumble. Despite the two turnovers, they found a way to win. He is a huge part of Memphis offense he also ran for 14 yards on five carries. Therefore, good teams are good because of players like White.

In the end, it was a heartbreaking loss for the USF Bulls. These are games that in the past when things were going right, they would win. Head coach Jeff Scott has made the best of what he has this year. Maybe this game will help them win one or more of the remaining three games. This was one of the games they should have won. I was listening to the game in my car before going to watch the Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs game with a good friend of mine. The Bulls played a complete game but could not get a victory.

Did I get the three studs right for this game between the USF Bulls and Memphis Tigers? Leave a comment below.

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