New England Patriots: A Look Ahead to the New York Jets

The New England Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory. This has been a team that has been on top for 20 years. We all know this season was going to different. Many changes that we know happened. The Pats are 2-5 and sit only in front of the 0-8 New York Jets in the division. The Buffalo Bills currently sit on top and for the first time in a long time beat New England. The Patriots were driving for a winning touchdown or a tying field goal. Cam Newton was trying his magic and he fumbled the ball. The Bills recovered the ball and the was the nail in the coffin. New England has had games like this season where they end up on the wrong side of the coin. The offensive weapons have been dreadful, and the offense is struggling.

New England Patriots

The way that the New England Patriots season is going they might only have two wins left on their schedule. One of them is this week against the New York Jets. Many will say the Jets are going after the number one overall pick and Trevor Lawrence. The good players will bounce back after having a bad game. I believe Newton will have a bounce-back game. I am not saying that New England had a bad game against the Buffalo Bills. The Pats had 349 yards which were more than the Bills. If you look at the stats the Patriots won in every category. I cannot see them not doing the same or more against New York. The Patriots have lost three games in a row. I do not see them losing a fourth. They have more talent than the Jets have.

New York Jets

One name describes why the New York Jets are where they are right now at that is Adam Gase. Why the Jets thought he was worth, yet another try boggles many mind. He did not do well for the Miami Dolphins. Gase might single handily be ruining the career of Sam Darnold. The Jets have seen players leave let us look at Le’Veon Bell a great running back for the Steelers. He never made it in New York and now he is playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team in general is hoping for a fresh start in 2021. If Trevor Lawrence decides not to come out and play for the Jets they will be lost. This week they welcome the New England Patriots. The team that has owned them for a long time. I do not think they have a chance to win this week.

I know that any team can win on any given day. This game will on Monday night. Many will say why are two teams that are not that good playing on a primetime game. Look for the New England Patriots to end their losing streak. Many will agree with me that they should just lose their remaining eight games. I hate seeing a team go 0-16 but it might happen this year. Look for the Pats to continue to dominate the Jets. I will be watching on Monday night, will you?

Who will win between the New England Patriots and New York Jets? Leave a comment below.

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    […] The New England Patriots came into Monday night on a four-game losing streak. On paper playing against the winless New York Jets looks like an easy win. That was not the case. At times during the game the Jets had the lead. With Sam Darnold out New York started Joe Flacco. After what happened last week to Cam Newton, fumbling on the Patriots’ final drive in a loss to the Buffalo Bills, he had a better game against the Jets. Over the weekend I saw many games in which teams played the best game of their seasons only to lose their games. What I mean is this was the best the New York Jets played . This was a good game and they should have had their first win. The better teams, in the end, find a win which is what New England did last night. […]

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