Florida Gators: Three Studs vs Georgia Bulldogs

This is a rivalry game that has had meaning over the past few years. The Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs winner most likely will be the SEC East team in the SEC Championship game. For the past three years, the Bulldogs have won the game. This year the Florida Gators came out on top. This was the best defense, the Bulldogs, against the best offense, the Gators. This game was back and forth until the middle of the second quarter. The Gators scored 24 points in the quarter. Which was the big reason why they got the victory. This game had a ton of injuries for both teams. Those injuries will impact the rest of the season for both Florida and Georgia. It also looks like all roads lead to a showdown with the Alabama Crimson Tide. This game has been great for a long time.

Kyle Trask

Trask is climbing in the numbers with the likes of Tim Tebow. This was a big game for the Florida Gators. The stars always come out in these types of games. I mentioned in my preview piece about Kyle to Kyle’s connection. Those two did hook up a few times before Kyle Pitts left the game with an injury. Trask went 30/43 for 474 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception. The Gators were down by 14 points early, but the Gators offense never gave up. The interception was a pick-six, but it did not bother him. This is how he has been all season up to this point.

Florida Gators Defense

To me, this was the factor that would have won or lost the game for the Gators today. The offense is great, and the defense has had moments this year where they have struggled. In today’s game that was not the case. They held the Georgia Bulldogs offense to just 277 yards and forced three turnovers. All of those were interceptions one by Stenson Bennett which after that he left the game with a sore shoulder. The other two came from back-up quarterback D’Wan Mathis. Georgia’s biggest part of their offense is running the ball. The Gators held in check despite the 167 yards of the ground for the Bulldogs. This was a big for the Florida Gators today!

Zamir White

White is one of the feature backs in the Bulldogs backfield. He showed that today as he on the very first offense play ran 75 yards for an opening touchdown. He finished the game with seven carries for 107 yards. Most of his yards came on that one big run. White was the only back that had over 26 yards for the game. The Bulldogs offense was held in check all day by the Florida Gators. White was the bright spot of it. Let us see where Georgia goes from here for the rest of the season.

This was the first time in four years the Florida Gators defeated the Georgia Bulldogs. The 24-point second quarter was the difference in the 44-28 victory. It was a great game to watch exciting in the beginning. It was also fun to watch with a good friend of mine who is a Bulldogs fan which has been a tradition for him and me over the last four years. The Gators now only have one loss and if they win out will be heading to Atlanta to probably play Crimson Tide.

Did I get the studs right for this game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators? Leave a comment below.

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