Dallas Cowboys: Is Dak Prescott the Best Quarterback in the NFC East?

The Philadelphia Eagles took down the Dallas Cowboys 23-9 on Sunday night football at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it was a very ugly football game. Carson Wentz and Ben DiNucci were both awful in this football game and it is clear that Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in the NFC East all along?

The answer is yes. Carson Wentz is playing awful this season. Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys were scoring a bunch of points in the lineup with him before he suffered a brutal ankle injury against the New York Giants.

Andy Dalton also got hurt against the Washington Football Team. Dwayne Haskins isn’t the answer for Washington.

Daniel Jones isn’t bad for New York, but he has fumbling issues himself. Jones has nothing around him and if they get rid of some front office people at the end of the season, then maybe they will give him better tools.

There is a belief that the Eagles should have never gotten rid of Nick Foles and I 100 percent agree with it.

Dak Prescott is the heart and soul of this football team. This team could be running away with the NFC East if he was healthy.

Prescott needs to have a contract at the end of the season. He was never really hurt until this season. Dak Prescott is the focal point of the offense and not Ezekiel Elliott anymore.

Ben DiNucci completed 21-of-40 passes for 180 yards. He also rushed for 22 yards on five carries.

Carson Wentz completed 15-of-27 passes for 123 yards two touchdowns and two interceptions. He also fumbled the football twice and lost two of them though.

Prescott went 2-3 this season. He completed 151-of-222 of his passes for 1,856 passing yards nine touchdowns and four interceptions. Dak Prescott also rushed for 93 yards on 18 carries and three touchdowns.

The NFL is a pass-first league. This isn’t a running NFL. Jerry Jones needs to sign this man. He is the best quarterback in a very weak division.

The NFC East is going to be weak for years to come unless things change drastically. Dak Prescott should not work with Mike McCarthy as the head coach next season.

Kellen Moore is the current offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. He was the offensive coordinator under Jason Garrett last season as well. Garrett is now the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

Ron Rivera has no quarterback and is dealing with Kyle Allen and Alex Smith for the Washington Football Team.

Doug Pederson misses Frank Reich, who is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Reich was the offensive coordinator when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017 against the New England Patriots though.

If you asked me the quarterback rankings in this division it would be this: 1. Dak Prescott 2. Daniel Jones 3. Carson Wentz 4. Alex Smith 5. Jalen Hurts 6. Kyle Allen 7. Dwayne Haskins 8. Andy Dalton 9. Colt McCoy 10. Ben DiNucci.

That’s pathetic that Wentz almost lost to DiNucci and they were running a wild cat high school football offense. Carson Wentz being the third-best quarterback in the division means how weak it is though.

With an injured quarterback in Dak Prescott being the best quarterback in the NFC East, it shows how pathetic of a division it is though and why the NFC East is the NFC Least.

Do you think Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in the NFC East? Leave a comment below.

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