Washington Football Team: Are they Buying, Selling at the Trade Deadline?

The Trade Deadline in the NFL is less than a week away. Several rumors are floating around as to what moves teams should and should not make. One of those teams is the Washington Football Team. Should they be sellers or buyers when it comes to the NFL Trade Deadline? That is a good question. In all honesty, they should be both. The team has some expiring contracts that they could get rid of. This in turn could net the draft capital. They also have a QB that they are no longer keen on. Moving on from these situations would be ideal for Washington.

However, the team is also in need of some players. Like it or not, they are in the midst of a division race. Their defense is solid. They just need to add a couple of pieces on the offense. I am looking at particularly the offensive line and wide receiver. Therefore, let us examine a couple of players they could buy and a couple that Washington should sell.


Ryan Anderson – LB

Anderson has been the discussion of trade rumors in the past. Now, with another deadline approaching his name rises again. He has shown the ability to be a solid playmaker. However, with the depth of the defensive ends on Washington, he has not seen the field all that much in 2020. Therefore, putting him out on the market would be a strong move for the team. Even if they receive just a late-round pick for the former second-rounder, they would be gaining some sort of draft capital. They could then turn that pick into something in 2021 or use it to gain a player this season.

Dwayne Haskins – QB

Haskins has fallen out of the good graces of the organization. He is not the future of this franchise anymore. He was a forced pick by the owner. The new regime is not in favor of him. Thus, the team needs to trade the disgruntled QB.

The Washington Football Team may not get much for the now 3rd string QB. Nonetheless, getting something for him would be fantastic. Even if it is a fifth-round pick. Moving on from Haskins will show us that a true culture change is taking place and that true football people are in charge.

These are the two biggest names that Washington would most likely sell. Other names that have been mentioned are Ryan Kerrigan, Fabian Moreau, and Landon Collins (Chris Cooley said he would). Collins recently suffered a season-ending injury. Moreau has seen his playing time slip. Finally, I doubt they would trade Kerrigan unless they get a significant package. The all-time franchise leader in sacks is still the face of the franchise and it would not feel right trading him.


David Njoku – TE, Cleveland Browns

Njoku has been the subject of recent trade talks. During the offseason, he asked the team for a trade. As the season began those talks subsided. Now, those talks have picked up as Njoku has once again has asked the team for a trade.

Washington could use another TE. Logan Thomas is the team’s best TE option at this point. While Thomas is still coming into his own at the position – converting from QB, Njoku would be a great addition. He is a big body and runs routes very well for his size. He would give the Washington Football Team an added weapon as they move forward in the NFC East division race.

Andrew Norwell – G, Jacksonville Jaguars

Norwell would be an immediate upgrade at a position of need. He may not come at a very high price either. The Jaguars are in a mini fire sale and could be looking to unload some contracts. Norwell could be one of them. Look for him to be the topic of trade talks as the deadline comes closer.

Marvin Jones Jr. – Detroit Lions

Washington could use another threat on the outside. Jones Jr could supply that threat. He is being underutilized this season in Detroit. Reports are out that the team could possibly move on from him. If Washington could get Marvin Jones Jr. for a 4th-6th round pick, I believe that the team should pull the trigger.

This move would be three-fold. It adds another weapon that Kyle Allen can rely on. Second, it gives the team a big target down the field, Jones is 6’2”. Finally, his veteran presence of nine years would help mold the younger receivers such as Cam Sims, Steven Sims, and others.

Like it or not The Washington Football Team plays in a weak division. They can win it this year. Playing both sides of the coin could prove ideal for them at the deadline. Moreover, after Ron Rivera’s presser on Sunday, that is what I expect to happen.

What do you think the Washington Football Team should do at the trade deadline? Leave a comment below.

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