Florida Gators: Taking a Glance at the Missouri Tigers

The Florida Gators return to football after a two-week hiatus. This was due to Covid-19. The last game was their first loss of the year. It came at the hands of the Texas AM Aggies. It was a 41-38 final as the Aggies won a game on a game-winning field goal. Up till this point, the Gators have had very little flaws. Dan Mullen for the most has kept the Gators on a positive track that he set in place two years ago. Their record is 2-1 with wins over the Ole Miss Rebels and South Carolina Gamecocks. This game coming up was probably what most people would mark as a win. The Missouri Tigers have been a thorn in Florida’s side for the last couple of years. The Gators will also have two defensive players that have been out the first three games back.

Missouri Tigers

The Missouri Tigers come into this game at a 2-2 record. They coming off a won over the Kentucky Wildcats. It was a 20-10 final score. Their losses came against the Alabama Crimson Tide and Tennessee Volunteers. The other win came against the defending national champion the LSU Tigers. Out of their losses, the one against the Volunteers has to be somewhat disappointing. The Vols have not been the team that many thought they would be. They now travel to Gainesville to play the Gators who most say are the best team or just behind the Georgia Bulldogs. I can see the win against the LSU Tigers who are also having a tough season but they can use it to try and beat the Gators. They have a good overall offense that could lead to more wins and maybe an upset one coming on Saturday.

Florida Gators

The Florida Gators will be coming off their first loss. I think this will be a game that they come out as they did in the first two. They oppose their will on their opponents. They had some time to think about this game. With the team getting Covid-19 both players and coaches have not played in two weeks. On Halloween Saturday they will have fans inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Kyle Trask has been what he was a year ago. Kyle Pitts has been his main weapon. All of their games have been close. They only lost to the Aggies by three points which came on a last-second field goal. This team I think has shown they are a good team. Getting their two defensive players back should help the defense. That has been the biggest problem has been the defense giving up big plays.

This game will be big for both teams. If the Missouri Tigers win it will be an upset win. If the Florida Gators win it will help them as they get closer to play the Georgia Bulldogs after the Tigers. The Gators do not need to look past the Tigers. Coach Dan Mullen will have the Gators ready to play Missouri. Look for the Gators offense to shine with the Kyle and Kyle combination. On the other hand, The Tigers will also be ready. Let us see if this game is how it has been the last couple of years.

Who will win the Missouri Tigers or Florida Gators? Leave a comment below.

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