The Amazing Race Season 32 Leg 3: Instant Reaction

Like the previous two episodes so far this season, this week’s Amazing Race episode brought the drama yet again. Last week multiple teams forgot the main rule when competing on the race; read your clue carefully. As the race progressed further, the alliances and teamwork between teams continued to form. Check out instant reaction from the lastest episode.


If you continue to read on, then you will read spoilers from leg 3 of Amazing Race Season 32. Do not continue on if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to spoil it for yourself.

A “New” Amazing Race

It didn’t matter how team’s did in leg 2. All nine teams traveled on one plane to the Amazon in Brazil and were on an equal playing field after landing. This is good news for those at the back but those who built a lead last leg had their hard work go to waste.

As with the Amazing Race, knowing a foreign language or two is key. Some teams knew how to speak Portuguese or a similar language. Language skills were key during what is usually a hectic and challenging clue when navigating a busy market. This allowed teams who spoke the native language to thrive and get somewhat of a lead over their foes.

Read Your Clue And Hold Your Belongings

Amazing Race phanatics know that the cardinal rule is to always fully read the clue. Many teams rush when reading a clue and it back fires on them. Will and James finished first after the first challenge but they once again failed to read their clue and had to back track. Luckily for them others made the same mistake once they had already gone further on their boat. Once again, teams need to fully read the clue or else they could be the next one going home.

Likewise, other teams failed to keep all of their belongings and supplies together after checking in with a judge. It was a chaotic collection of teams waiting for checking in and things were mixed up and misplaced. Many needed to rebuy certain items before getting on the marked boat.


One of the most beautiful things about watching the Amazing Race is embracing and taking in the culture the racers are currently competing in. So far this season, the Amazing Race has done an awesome job of showcasing the various countries and their unique cultures.

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Part of the reason this season has been exciting due to the challenges each team faces in cultures that are vastly different than their cultural norm. This episode’s detour showcased two unique parts of the Amazonian culture that their tribe members take part in regularly.

Unlike sometimes in past seasons, teams bashed the culture when they struggled instead of embracing it. This time around the teams became emotional and pointed out the beauty of what they were taking in especially on their boat ride.

Double U-Turn

Will and James now have a target on their back in future episodes. They decided to utilize the double u-turn on dating couple Leo and Alana. Will and James ended up winning the leg but now they don’t have the ability to use the u-turn the next time it comes up in a later leg. This leaves them vulnerable because they can be forced to compete both detours without having the ability to slow someone else down when the race is even more challenging and tight.

Due to Leo and Alana helping out Kaylynn & Haley in the previous leg, Kaylynn and Haley made sure to u-turn a slower team so Leo and Alana have more time to finish their second detour with a fighting chance of avoiding elimination.

The team alliances and strategies are starting to form and showcase. It will definitely be interesting to see it progress in future episodes.

Michele and Victoria need to be focused and slow down. Their panicking and rushing caused them to waste time on multiple occasions throughout this leg. If two teams weren’t double u-turned, then it would have been a tighter chance they were eliminated.

In the end, Jerry and Frank were eliminated from the race. However, they didn’t quit or get on each other. Other teams could learn from their example as the race’s stress level only gets higher later on.

Let us know what you thought of the third leg of Amazing Race Season 32. Stay tuned to Ironiq Media for all of your Amazing Race news and opinions.

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