Dallas Cowboys: Cam Newton Could Be an Option After All

There’s no doubt the Dallas Cowboys could just tank for Trevor Lawrence. However, there’s a chance they would go after New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton.

Cam isn’t an MVP type of player anymore, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t fit in well with the Cowboys.

Yes, Newton has struggled since his return from the COVID-19 list. However, that doesn’t mean he would make some noise in Dallas with all the weapons they have there.

The Patriots could also think about tanking after getting smashed by San Francisco on Sunday afternoon.

How can the Cowboys and Pats both be pleased with a trade involving Cam Newton? Let’s take a look.

Giddy Up!

Dallas needs new energy in that locker room. It looks as if this team is lost and is losing confidence no matter who the quarterback is.

Maybe Jerry Jones, owner, and man of many hats would think about pulling the trigger on a deal for Cam because he like players who can make big plays on offense.

With the Cowboys still in the thick of things for that NFC East title, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them try to get a stopgap like Cam until they figure out what to do long-term.

It’s not like Cam has a huge contract. The 31-year-old is owed about $1.1 million this season after signing a one-year deal with the Pats in the offseason.

Tank Time

With the way things are looking for both Dallas and New England, it makes sense for both of them to tank and try to get higher draft picks.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick might feel like Jarrett Stidham should take the reigns and test the waters at the QB spot.

I mean if you’re a Pats fan what expectations should you have regarding this team at the moment?

The Pats offense needs an overhaul and a new influx of young skill players. It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is, New England needs a boost in a big way.

Getting rid of Cam Newton might bring in another draft pick and there’s a chance Belichick thought of that before acquiring Cam in free agency.

And besides, it’s not like Cam Newton was playing well overall. He had some nice games, including the game against Seattle’s defense. But it’s not enough to save his job.

New England has to focus on getting ready for 2021 and beyond. It’s not like they were going to catch the Buffalo Bills anyway.

Big Picture

Cam Newton needs to play better football because right now he’s on the verge of turning into Byron Leftwich.

If Cam looked like a Pro Bowler then maybe the Pats could trade him for a nice batch of draft picks and maybe the Cowboys think about moving on from Dak Prescott and taking a chance on Cam for a few years.

Of course, there’s a good chance Dallas and New England would both be awful to watch despite the play of Newton. But there would be more upside to the Pats shipping him out of town and the Cowboys picking him up.

With so many options on the table, Dallas could try to salvage this season and decide to call the Patriots with a sense of desperation after having such high expectations before the year began.

Should the Pats and Cowboys pull off a trade that includes Cam Newton? Leave a comment below.

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