USF Bulls: Three Studs vs Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

The USF Bulls were playing the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes on a windy Friday night. The sky was covered in clouds with both white and rain clouds present. According to the weather forecast they were calling for rain right before kickoff. The best part for me is to see fans in the stands. The last game I was reporting from the press box at Raymond James Stadium was against The Citadel. At that time there were no fans allowed in the stands. I mentioned in most of my articles that it was eerie. If any sport that needs fans it is the game of football. Especially college football these young men feed off the cheering the fans bring. As I was entering the stadium, I saw a respectable number of Tulsa fans. I never thought I would be at any USF games this year because of Covid-19.

Zach Smith– Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

For most of the first half, he sat back and was able to go through his progressions. It was beautiful to watch. Smith was 10 for 15 for 162 yards with one touchdown and one interception in the first half. He looked extremely comfortable in the pocket. The USF Bulls defense only got to him a few times. In the second half, it would be no different. Smith finished the game 16 for 24 for 233 yards. He did not have any more touchdowns or interceptions. Smith did not need to because the Golden Hurricanes run game took over and made the Bulls defense look terrible.

Deneric Prince– Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

Prince in the feature back for the Golden Hurricanes. He had the USF Bulls defense chasing him all over the field. Prince had a 62-yard run for a touchdown just after USF had drawn closer to Tulsa. He finished the game with 15 carries for 109 yards and two touchdowns. Prince was a big reason why Tulsa dominated USF. This is how they beat the UCF Knights and it just worked better against the Bulls. Prince will help the Golden Hurricanes to more wins if they play like they did tonight. He was part of a one-two punch with Corey Taylor II.

Corey Taylor II- Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

Taylor like Prince also had two touchdowns. He finished the game with 12 carries for 67 yards. All night long the USF Bulls struggled to stop the Golden Hurricanes run game. In the end, they were part of a run game that rushed for 227 yards. It’s hard to stop an offense that had 462 yards of total offense. The only quarter that Tulsa did not score in was the fourth. I Like watching Zach Smith setting in the pocket seeing Taylor and Price run all over Raymond James. It was beautiful. This team is exceptionally good, and the run game is one of the best in the country.

In the end, the USF Bulls are a confused team. They have nothing going for them this year. This game was a perfect example of it. The Bulls got as close to being eight points behind and then the bottom fell out. After they scored their only touchdown of the game the Golden Hurricanes had a 62-yard run that sealed the deal. The quarterback carousel continued, and I am not sure why head coach Jeff Scott cannot make up his mind. The season is out of control and it almost at the disaster point. Let’s see if they can get a win next week.

Did I get the three studs right for the game between the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes and USF Bulls? Leave a comment below.

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