Shaquille Bolden: An Interview With A Free Agent Chasing An Opportunity

Most professional athletes are just looking for the next opportunity to keep playing the sport they love a little while longer. For free agent Shaquille Bolden, he’s chasing any opportunities to keep playing professional football. The 6’1 205 lbs athlete can play a multitude of positions on the football field with his 4.45 40-yard dash speed. He can play a variety of positions including Cornerback, Free Safety, Wide Receiver, Punt Returner, and Kick Returner. Shaquille Bolden played at Gavilan College in California for the Rams and graduated in 2015. He’s also played in Poland and then in Mexico City. Bolden also played for the Superman of the LEXFA in Mexico, an arena football team and he currently coaches the Bull City Bulldogs, a youth football team.

Shaquille Bolden has received some interest to try out for a few organizations, but he’s ready to play and he’s chasing an opportunity to continue playing professional football. Whether that be the NFL, CFL, IFL, NAL, XFL, The Spring League, or overseas, Shaquille can play football. I recently had a great opportunity to interview Mr. Bolden to talk about a variety of things. Let’s take a look at my interview with free-agent Shaquille Bolden.

The Interview

Jeremy Austin Grace (JAG): Tell me a little bit about your journey from Gavilan College, to professional football teams, to being a free agent?

Shaquille Bolden: I went to Gavilan College straight out of high school because I felt if I got my grades up I could go play D1 football, but that did not go as planned due to me losing my Stepdad. After he died I lost track and did not do what I was originally going to do so then I posted my stuff online and a good friend of mine, Brian Robinson posted my film and a pro team in Poland contacted me about coming to play there.

So I went there and that was a fun experience. Since then I just been balling, I’ve been to Mexico City, played in Lexfa, did very well there, I ended up coming back to the states. Had workouts with some CFL teams along with an NFL team and signed with a pro arena team in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Got released and resigned to Lexfa last year, was supposed to sign this year to be signed with CFL, but Covid 19 canceled that for me. That’s how I became a free agent.

JAG: What’s been the toughest part of getting to where you want to be and what’s kept you going?

Shaquille Bolden: The toughest part about getting to where I am trying to get is waiting on an email back or a coach to call you and all honestly COVID-19 makes this process even tougher, but what keeps me going is knowing once this over, I will be signed and be able to give back millions of dollars to the community.

JAG: What’s been the best experience you’ve had so far through your college or professional football career?

Shaquille Bolden: The best experience I had with my professional career is when I was playing in Mexico City and ran back a kick return to help my team win the game, watch the fans go crazy and the kids ask for my autograph.

JAG: What is the top goal for you as a football player and where you want to end up?

Shaquille Bolden: My top Goal, My top goal is to be in the XFL, NFL, CFL, NAL, and win a championship, I want to end up a Super Bowl Champion.

JAG: Outside of sports, what are things you want to do or goals you have set out to reach for?

Shaquille Bolden: Outside of sports I help young athletes stay out of trouble and I want to open my own league around the world to help get kids out of the streets.

JAG: Who’s been the most influential person in your life?

Shaquille Bolden: The most influential person is my mother/Family, she’s been with me since day one and never doubted me.

JAG: Any words of advice you’ve learned over the years you want to share with fans, followers, and readers?

Shaquille Bolden: Any words of advice, Never Quit, even if people tell you won’t be anything in life. I learned that over the years, my own family can hate on me and other people, but still to this day I prove people wrong.

I along with IroniqMedia would like to thank Shaquille Bolden for the opportunity and chance to do this interview. We appreciate him for taking the time out of his day to speak with us and let us write about his journey. Mr. Bolden definitely deserves many opportunities to play professional football in my eyes and I will continue to follow his story.

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