Washington Football Team: 5 Possible Trade Partners for Dwayne Haskins

For Dwayne Haskins, the thought of playing another down for the Washington Football Team is way down the line. Especially if Kyle Allen plays well enough over the next six games and the team remains in contention. Thus, it would make sense for the team to trade him and give him a chance to succeed elsewhere. Even though Ron Rivera stated that he has no desire to trade his third-string QB. Even with that statement, I do not see Haskins staying in a Washington uniform past 2020. In saying that, let us examine some teams that Haskins might just fit on.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Haskins is going to need a strong coaching staff if he is going to succeed in the NFL. Pittsburgh is just that. Soon they will need to have a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. That makes this an ideal fit for the young signal-caller. Haskins can go and sit behind Roethlisberger for a season or two, learn from one of the best in the league, and then take over.

Chicago Bears

The Bears make some sense in this fiasco. They have a QB in Mitchell Trubisky who will probably be out after 2020. Nick Foles reworked his big-money deal in Jacksonville to fit a trade from the Jags to the Bears. The coaching staff in Chicago is better than the one in Washington. Most people know Matt Nagy for working with QBs. Haskins can learn behind Foles and then be ready to drive the car when the Foles contract is expired.

Dallas Cowboys

It is unclear what the Cowboys will do after this season. Dak Prescott will be coming off the horrible ankle injury. Andy Dalton is only on a one-year deal. Haskins could become the backup to Prescott next season and learn an offense that may be more suited for his skills. He would have one of the best offensive lines in front of him. Couple that with Ezekiel Elliott and Haskins might just have found himself a home.

San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Shanahan is a QBs coach. He is also a west coast master. This is the kind of offense that Haskins needs to run. Again, he would have a solid offensive line along with a productive running game to aid him. These would be staples that Haskins needs to help him develop and try to become a starting NFL QB.

New England Patriots

I throw the Patriots onto this list due to their coaching staff. Bill Belichick and his staff are one of, if not, the strongest in the NFL. Haskins needs this. He needs a coach that will teach and teach. I believe for Dwayne Haskins to be an NFL starting QB he is going to have to take some verbal tongue lashes and then be picked back up. On that same route, the coaching staff is going to have to have patience. That is something that New England has always had.

Dwayne Haskins may have some potential sitting in that young NFL arm. After all, he only had one year in college. While that year was fabulous, it is only one. He needs to develop. However, he needs to develop under an established QB and patient coaching staff. Many of the teams listed have at least one of those criteria. It would just be up to Washington to initiate some trade talk.

How do you feel about the Washington Football team trading Dwayne Haskins? Leave a comment below.

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