NFL: Predicting the Week 6 Action

As we approach week six in the NFL , the cream is beginning to rise to the top of the league. Here is a look at this week’s slate and how it may play out.

(Byes include: 1-4 Los Angeles Chargers, 3-2 Las Vegas Raiders, 5-0 Seattle Seahawks, 3-2 New Orleans Saints)

Sunday, October 14th

(4-1)Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers(4-0) at 1 PM ET on CBS

The Browns will own the near future win at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with this core, but I do not think it will be this year. Ben Roethlisberger throwing completions on third down, combined with a Browns team committing turnovers and playing behind the down and distance play a role in this game. The Steelers win 27-24.

(4-1)Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles(1-3-1) at 1 PM ET on CBS

The last two meetings have been decided by one point. This time, I will take the Ravens to win 28-20 in a roll-up your sleeves-type of NFL game. This could be an NFL game that finishes in well under three hours. 

(1-4)Washington Football Team at New York Giants(0-5) at 1 PM ET on FOX

I think Kyle Allen will out-duel Daniel Jones in this game. It will be a choppy game because there will be a lot of penalties Sunday. Washington earns their second win, 20-17, giving themselves a share of the division lead. 

(1-3)Denver Broncos at New England Patriots(2-2) at 1 PM ET on CBS

Both teams get back on the field Sunday after difficult circumstances. I like New England to get back on track rather easily as the coaching staff has continued to find their formula. The final score finishes 34-7 to the Patriots.

(1-4)Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans(4-0) at 1 PM ET on CBS

The Titans have less time to prepare, but they know that Houston won the division last year. They feel that there is unfinished business after being one half of football away from the Super Bowl last term. Tennessee takes another step in their pursuit of winning the AFC South, 40-17. 

(0-5)Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings(1-4) at 1 PM ET on FOX

With Dan Quinn no longer on the sidelines, I do not think it gets easier. They will be competitive, but Minnesota holds on 30-28. Both teams are really trying to get better in preparations for the following NFL season. 

(1-3)Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4) at 1 PM ET on FOX

The Lions get a much-needed road victory to get closer to .500, 30-23. Both offenses will combine for seven plays of at least forty yards. I do not sense either of these teams are playoff-worthy this year, but maybe one of them can spring an upset down the road.

(1-3-1)Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts(3-2) at 1 PM ET on FOX

Indianapolis is able to get off the mat and lock things down defensively in the second half. Jonathan Taylor gets two rushing touchdowns. The score finishes Colts 26 Bengals 16 up in the Hoosier State.

(4-1)Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers(3-2) at 1 PM ET on FOX

I still am not sure how good the Bears are even with the desired outcome two Thursdays ago. A road win in Charlotte could lead to more answers. This will be one of the best games of the day. It needs overtime, but the fifth-ranked NFL offense is the Panthers, outlasting Chicago 26-20. 

(0-5)New York Jets at Miami Dolphins(2-3) at 4:05 PM ET on CBS

The Dolphins have a good shot for a wild-card spot. Buffalo and New England still have head-to-head wins over them already. I do not think they are about to let the winless Jets spoil that opportunity. Miami wins 35-21 to even their mark.

(4-0)Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-2) at 4:25 PM ET on FOX

Though Green Bay has had their bye, I expect them to be sharp offensively. Aaron Rodgers gets some revenge against Tom Brady from the 2018 meeting. Final score: Packers 35 Buccaneers 23.

(4-1)Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers(2-3) at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

The Rams offense continues to click, 40-17. Los Angeles shows more signs of the team that reached Super Bowl LIII, sixth in rushing, and third overall in offense. The 49ers are still looking to find answers following last year’s Super Bowl appearance.

Monday, October 15th

(4-1)Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills(4-1) at 5 PM ET on FOX

The Chiefs lost their first game in a long time, so I think they are eager to get back on the field and make amends. The Bills have a short turnaround, so Kansas City bounces back this week 35-23.

(3-2)Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys(2-3) at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

I think Kyler Murray is going to make a lot of plays. While the absence of Dak Prescott factors into it, I do not think Dallas has the answers to create turnovers and flip the game in their direction. Therefore I have it as Cardinals 42 and Cowboys 20. 

How do you see week 6 in the NFL playing out? Leave a comment below/

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