Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott May Not Play for Them Again

With Dak Prescott going through ankle surgery this week and his future uncertain, it might be time for the Dallas Cowboys to find a new QB. How should they go about making this tough decision?

Prescott suffered a compound fracture and a dislocation in his right ankle.

Hopefully, Dak gets well soon and recovers easily from this horrific injury.

If you’re Jerry Jones (owner/president/GM), you have to think about the future of this franchise.

Yes, a lot depends on the health of Dak Prescott heading into next season. But, they also have to see how big of a contract he wants as well.

Let’s say Dak wants a big contract. Maybe not a deal with an AAV of $40 million, but a deal where he gets about $40 million for only two years.

If Dak Prescott accepts that type of “prove it” deal, then it could benefit Dallas and in a way Dak himself.

Other Options?

If the New York Jets decided to start from scratch and go after Trevor Lawrence, then Sam Darnold would be on the trade block.

The Cowboys could be intrigued by Darnold’s contract. The former USC quarterback is getting roughly $3.3 million this season and about $4.7 million next season.

Dallas could make a run at Taysom Hill or Baker Mayfield. This depends on how much either QB is beloved in New Orleans and Cleveland, respectively.

Rebuild Mode?

With Dallas having a lot of issues with their defense and their quarterback situation up in the air, the Cowboys may want to think about rebuilding or at least retooling.

They have plenty of young talent on both sides of the ball.

I don’t think Dallas would trade away Ezekiel Elliott or any of their younger players, but it shouldn’t be out of the question.

If Dak Prescott doesn’t come back healthy that will leave the Cowboys scrambling for a new signal-caller.

This franchise had such high expectations, especially after making Mike McCarthy their new head coach this past offseason.

But, what are they going to do without a franchise QB? Hope everyone is okay with an average or below-average record with no playoff appearance? Should fans be content with the team struggling to win the NFC East? That division is the worst division in pro football by the way.

Money to Spend?

According to spotrac.com, the Dallas Cowboys are projected to have about $27 million in cap space.

Now we have to wait and see how limited teams will be with the NFL salary cap expected to be $175 million in 2021.

This season the cap was set at $198.2 million.

If Dallas has enough money to absorb a contract like Matt Ryan‘s that could be a potential move.

Or maybe they kick the tires on a trade involving Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr.

Regardless, it’s clear the Dallas Cowboys have major decisions to make whether they end up keeping Dak Prescott or not.

What should the Dallas Cowboys do?

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