Washington Football Team: Good, Bad, and WTF vs Los Angeles Rams

For the Washington Football Team, Sunday was a bad example of what this football team has been. They seem to be getting worse as the season progresses, rather than better. The normal progression should be up and down or backward. On Sunday, everything went backward. The lone bright spot was seeing number 11, Alex Smith complete his incredible comeback story. Unfortunately, that was all we can say was good. Therefore, in saying that, we look at The Good, The Bad, and The WTF from Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

The Good

Alex Smith

As I stated in the open, seeing him walk on the field was solid on the day. I would not group his play into this category, however. He did play somewhat as expected. Given it was his first game action in two years and the o-line was crap (we will get into that later). Nonetheless, just seeing Alex Smith back in a Washington uniform and taking game snaps was nice to see.

The Bad

Play Calling

Scott Turner, the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team, was horrible on the day. Especially after Kyle Allen went out of the game. The Los Angeles Rams defense knew it had something on Washington. They exploited that weakness all day long and Turner did nothing to try and counteract it. The game plan used against the Baltimore Ravens in week 4, although they lost, was more successful than the one implemented in week 5. No matter the QB going forward, Washington needs to use the speed and playmaking ability of Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson more going forward to keep teams off balance.

Second Quarter Defense

The defense of the Washington Football Team, coming into this season, was supposed to be better. At times, it is. On Sunday, for a quarter and a half, it was not that good. They were completely overmatched by the Rams offense. Late in the second quarter, they got the lone turnover of the game and finally made a switch. These slow starts are costing the team more than games. They are making it difficult on an offense that needs some help to be successful.


Offensive Line

The offensive line of the Washington Football team was the worst that I have seen in quite some time. Kyle Allen nor Alex Smith had time to throw on the day. This is when the play calling of Scott Turner needs to change. There needs to be an adjustment to max protect, run the ball, quick smoke screens, ETC are what he needs to call. This will help keep the defense on its heels. It will also help the defense stay off the field so much.

The Washington Football Team is heading into a soft part of its schedule. The combined record of their next six opponents is 4-14-1. There is a chance to make up and gain ground. However, to do so this team must play better and the coaches must coach better.

Washington’s next game is Sunday, October 18, 2020, at the New York Giants.

How do you feel about the Washington Football Team after the loss to the Los Angeles Rams? Leave a comment below.

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