Philadelphia Eagles: Antonio Brown Could Hide a lot of Issues

With the Philadelphia Eagles struggling in many facets of the game, one might wonder how could this team be impacted by a guy like Antonio Brown.

Brown is instant offense with the ball in his hands and he would be the best receiver on the Eagles roster.

I understand AB hasn’t played football in over a year, but he should be in great shape and he has been out of the news.

We haven’t heard from him in a long time, which is a positive sign right now.

Here are a few reasons why Brown can change how the Eagles are viewed.

Offensive Outburst

AB is hard to stop and he was a fantasy football stud during his career in Pittsburgh.

Carson Wentz already has a solid find in Travis Fulgham and AB would only enhance the passing game.

Wentz looked solid versus the Steelers on Sunday even though he had two picks.

If the Eagles sign AB, that will force other teams to pay attention to him. But, that benefits other Philly receivers and other players who get involved in the passing game.

I mean Dallas can put points on the board and they are just loaded with talent.

So, it makes sense for the birds to boost their offensive unit.

Offense Can Assist the Defense

By adding AB, this gives Philly the chance to score more points per game.

Adding more points can force the opponent to play from behind and become one dimensional, which can assist the Eagles defense.

I’m not saying the Philadelphia Eagles will be this amazing football team if they pick up Antonio Brown.

But, you cannot deny the impact AB has when he plays the game of football.

Assuming Brown has changed and that Philly can utilize him the right way, I would expect the Eagles to get better with Brown in the lineup.

Let’s hope AB is not only a better person but a better professional as well.

Lethal Weapons

If Philly signs AB, he wouldn’t be able to play for them until after their 8th game of the season.

The Eagles’ 8th game is against the Dallas Cowboys and then Philly has a bye week in Week 9.

Week 10 has the birds facing the New York Giants and that’s when Brown could suit up and play.

But, imagine Brown being paired with DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery when they get healthy.

Imagine that trio with Fulgham and a healthy Dallas Goedert.

Miles Sanders has proven to be a valuable running back as well.

Since the NFC East is up for grabs anything goes when it comes to making aggressive moves in order to claim the division crown.

With that being said, Philly has to keep an eye on its salary cap space next season. So, signing Brown to a big contract has to be under at least some caution.

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