Washington Football Team: 5 Keys to Beating the Los Angeles Rams

Leaks and turmoil have once again struck the Washington Football Team. The team benched starting QB Dwayne Haskins in favor of Kyle Allen. After the benching, multiple leaks came out about Haskins’ poor practice habits since winning the job. There was a second report that says Haskins also gloated about his stats after a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Nonetheless, heading into week five there is an opportunity to get back into a division race. With a matchup against the Los Angeles Rams, anything is possible. Here are the keys to winning for the Washington Football Team.

Kyle Allen

Of course, he is a key. The team is now in his hands. The question will be, how short is his leash? Alex Smith is eagerly waiting to get back on to the field and show everyone that he can play after recovering from that horrific leg injury. However, if Kyle Allen can be what he was in the first four games of 2019, Washington will have a very strong shot at winning this football game.


Washington must take care of the football. Outside of the game against the Cleveland Browns, they have done a good job of doing so. That will need to be a key on Sunday. The Washington defense is good, but when they are constantly on the field because the offense is turning the ball over, they begin to fade. The offense will need to protect the ball to help their defense be successful.

3rd Downs

The Washington Football Team was 4 for 13 on third down in week 4. That is a recipe for disaster. This coincides with turnovers. A three-and-out is just as bad a turning the football over to the opponent. It does not allow your defense time to rest. Washington is going to have to get better on third down for, not only this game but the remainder of the season if they want to compete.

Antonio Gibson

Gibson is starting to show why there was so much preseason hype around him. Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, Gibson had 128 total yards (46 rushing and 82 receiving). Washington Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner needs to get creative in finding ways to get Gibson the ball. This will help take the pressure off Kyle Allen and also open things for Terry McLaurin and others on the outside.


The Washington Football Team should have Chase Young back this week. That will help the 7th ranked defense in making life miserable for the Los Angeles Rams. If Washington can pressure Jared Goff, he will make mistakes. The 4th ranked sack defense can get to the QB. The O-Line of the Rams is not one of its strong areas. This should give Washington some success at getting to Goff.

This may just be the game that the Washington Football Team needs to get going. This is most certainly a winnable game if they can stay on the field and force the Rams into mistakes, I believe that Washington will walk out of FedEx Field with a win.

How do you feel about the Washington Football Team’s chances against the Los Angeles Rams? Leave a comment below.

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