USF Bulls: Looking Ahead to the East Carolina Pirates

The USF Bulls are coming off another heartbreaking loss. This one coming to the Cincinnati Bearcats. This is an in-conference opponent. What we saw is a time with no identity. The Bulls have only scored once in the last eight quarters. A team that came off a beating at the hands of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The question I believe that most USF fans wanted is who is the starting quarterback? That still has not been answered. It was another carousel of starting quarterbacks. The biggest problem this time was that they threw five interceptions. The Bulls defense got four of their own and gave the offense a chance to win. This game reminded me a lot of last years when these two teams played. The Bearcats won a game-winning field goal. Coach Jeff Scott says the right things but seems lost when it comes to his quarterback.

East Carolina Pirates

This series has been very one-sided. The Pirates are 1-9 lifetime against the USF Bulls. ECU comes into this game at 0-2 record. Their losses have come against the UCF Knights and Georgia State Panthers. To the Knights it was 51-28 to the Panthers it was 49-29. Like the Bulls, the Pirates were predicted to be at the bottom of the AAC. Over the past couple of years, I got to see ECU quarterback Holton Ahlers. In my first year of covering the Bulls for IroniqMedia, I saw the Pirates here. Against Georgia State, he went 29/50 for 242 yards and three interceptions. That means ECU points came on the ground and special teams. The Pirates defense had two takeaways. Look for the ECU to use the run game and try and make sure that Ahlers does not throw and interceptions.

USF Bulls

The USF Bulls have won the last five against the ECU Pirates. If they are going to win six some changes will have to be made. First and one that most fans of the Bulls Eye podcast have said it time to decide on who the starting quarterback is going to be. Jeff Scott does not know but he is running out of time to decide. Maybe he is just throwing in the towel on this season. On the other hand, maybe, he feels he does not have the right guy currently. Either way, something must be done. The running game and defense have been doing their job. The one thing that has been missing has been a passing game. It is time to hear names like Randall St. Felix and Eddy McDoom. Let us see what happens this Saturday for the homecoming game.

This will be the first time of the 2020 season that there will be fans in the stands at Raymond James Stadium. It was very eerie when they played the Citadel and there were none. It is also homecoming and for a college football player that is one of the games you want to win. This game is one that the USF Bulls should win. They will if they can establish a passing game and do not take this game for granted. Maybe the fans will bring them so adrenalin. If coach Scott can decide who his quarterback is going to be, they will win. It would be huge for the Bulls to get back to five hundred in both their record and in the conference.

Who will win the game between the ECU Pirates and USF Bulls? Leave a comment below.

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