Washington Football Team: Is the Dwayne Haskins Experiment Over?

A franchise quarterback is something that every team needs in the NFL to succeed. For the Washington Football Team, that is something that they have not had in 20+ years. Since 1999, Washington has had 23 different QBs go under center. The latest is Dwayne Haskins. However, Haskins’ play, thus far, has not lived up to the offseason expectations. This is now prompting many to think that he is not the right QB going forward.

The Washington Football Team selected Haskins with the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He played in seven games as a rookie. There were strides made during those seven games. Especially late in the season. Nonetheless, there are still questions as to his future in Washington.


Haskins has worked hard in the offseason. He shed weight, worked on his timing with his receivers, and even his leadership. One of the areas that Haskins still needs to work on is his footwork. He often misses his mark and wide open WRs when throwing the football. This is because his footwork is awful. If he wishes to stay the course as the man under center, Haskins will need to focus on his footwork.

Accuracy and Touch

As we mention above, Haskins has bad footwork. This leads to problems with his accuracy. He often misses the mark when throwing to wide-open receivers. Touch is also a big problem. Everything for Dwayne Haskins is a fastball. This causes him to miss the mark as well. Along with his footwork, Dwayne will have to work on these two areas to maintain his position as the Washington starting QB.

New Head Coach, Ron Rivera would like to commit to Dwayne Haskins for the long-term. Although there are some issues. Just recently, there have been reports that Haskins is on a short leash. This is because the rest of the Washington Football Team is playing hard and playing to win. Coach Rivera now sees there is an opportunity to win now. Thus, if Haskins is not going to make the strides to help the team win now, the coach will turn to someone who can.

It is hard to believe that Washington would turn away from their investment so quickly. However, with this season being so wacky, Washington could win the less than stellar NFC East. The team is currently sitting at 1-3 and in second place. They are ½ game behind the Philadelphia Eagles. For Washington to do this though, they will need better QB play from Haskins.

The Washington Football Team has a very winnable week 5 game against the Los Angeles Rams. This game is more winnable than last week against the Baltimore Ravens. If the game is close and Haskins is struggling, I could see Rivera turning to Kyle Allen. If so, this will be the end of Dwayne Haskins in Washington.

Do you feel Dwayne Haskins has what it takes to be the franchise QB of the Washington Football Team? Leave a comment below.

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