USF Bulls: A Look Ahead to the Cincinnati Bearcats

The USF Bulls come into their third game despite having a second one. Last week the game against the FAU Owls was postponed because of Covid-19. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish had nine players tested positive after they played USF. A few questions are what time of team are the Bulls? Who is starting quarterback? Maybe after the game against the Cincinnati Bearcats, those will be both answered. This is the first game that they will play in AAC. This will be a tough game for the Bulls. In last year’s game, USF had the lead to the end. This was a Thursday night game on ESPN. The Bearcats lined up for a game-winning field goal and successfully made it. In my opinion, they stole that game away from the Bulls. This year will be different because the Bearcats are a better team.

Cincinnati Bearcats

Under head coach Luke Fickell this team has been solid. Coming into this season even before coronavirus they were one of three top teams. The other two were UFC Knights and Memphis Tigers. Through two games the Bearcats had two dominating wins. In week one they defeated Austin Peay. Many will say that is not a team that anyone should lose to. Cincinnati won the game 55-10. Then in week two had their first AAC opponent. That would be the Army Black Knights. This game was close but they still came out and won 24-10. The Bearcats slowed down the Army offense. Cincinnati is currently ranked 15th in the nation. They will be a team that Memphis and UCF will have to watch. This week look for them to trap the USF offense and keep them at bay. On offense let’s see what they can do against the Bulls defense.

USF Bulls

As a fan of this team, I am not sure what type of team they are. Right now one of the bright spots in the running game. Between Johnny Ford and Kelley Joiner, it has been great. Even two weeks against the Notre Dame they had their moments. The problem is the passing game since there has been no starting quarterback decided on. Head coach Jeff Scott still does not know who will start. The defense has been solid especially against the Citadel Bulldogs. The USF Bulls in my mind want to get back after what happened last year against the Bearcats. It going to interesting how they will play with no game last week and the week before having the worst loss in program history. I believe that Coach Scott can motivate them to play a good game this week.

The game will kick off at 2:30 PM EST. The Bearcats will be ready to move to 3-0. On the other hand, the USF Bulls will look to move to 2-1. I am interested to see how they come out and play. This will be the second road game for the Bulls. For Cincinnati, this is the third straight home game they will play. Up till this point, the game is still scheduled. Luke Fickell came out and said he has no fear the game will not happen. I am hoping for a good game between these two teams.

Who do you like in the game between the USF Bulls and Cincinnati Bearcats? Leave a comment below.

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