New England Patriots: 3 Studs in Las Vegas Raiders Game

The New England Patriots came into week three after a loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The loss came on a mistake at the one-yard line that would have been the winning touchdown. This was also in the same game that they allowed Russell Wilson to throw for five touchdowns. Today they had their second home game as the Las Vegas Raiders came in for a visit. The Raiders came in undefeated after beating the New Orleans Saints on Monday night football. From what I saw today Las Vegas is a good team. The Patriots played a solid game and were able to come out with a win. This is a tough part of the schedule with Seahawks, Raiders and on the road next week against the Kansas City Chiefs. The defense stayed strong when they needed to be. The offense figured it out after the first few drives.

Hunter Renfrow

Renfrow is in his second year out of Clemson. He is a big weapon for Derek Carr. The Raiders offense moved the ball and some points with ease. Renfrow had six catches for 84 yards and one touchdown. He made up many of the 249 of total passing yards the Raiders had. This an offense that likes to run the ball. The one touchdown came late in the game. Many will say that it did not mean much but it does even against the New England Patriots. Points and touchdowns are important for an offense. I believe that Renfrow will be big for the Raiders next week as they host the undefeated Buffalo Bills.

Patriots’ Defense

The New England Patriots defense has been behind with all the guys that got traded or are not playing because of Covid-19. I have mentioned in all my Pats article sorry to sound like a broken record. Today they were up against a particularly good Raiders offense. An offense that played well in the first two weeks that got them undefeated. Today they caused three turnovers. All three were fumbles the last one resulted in a touchdown that was first ruled a safety. The Pats defense held Las Vegas to 126 yards rushing. The Raiders totaled just 375 yards for the game this is how Bill Belichick game plans and takes things away. This was a good way as they will now have Patrick Mahomes next week.

Patriots’ Rushing

To me, this was the best part of the New England Patriots game. They ran inside and outside all over the Raiders defense. New England had 250 yards on the ground. That was a huge chunk of the 406 yards of total offense. These four players that made most of the yards that would be Cam Newton, Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, and J.J. Taylor. Taylor was an undrafted rookie that shined. The leading rusher was Michel on nine carries for 117 yards. Burkhead had three touchdowns and on both, he went flying into the endzone. This was the first week that Newton did not have a rushing touchdown. Taylor had 11 carries for 43 yards. Look for them to continue next week against the Chiefs.

This was a great game for the New England Patriots. They were solid on offense and defense. The field goals and extra points are what scares me with New England. I feel good about where they are at going to Kansas City. The offense moved down the field and use the running game. The defense made stops, had sacks, and forced turnovers. If they can do that next week against the Chiefs, it should be a good game. The Patriots are a solid team in which many thoughts would just fizzle away. I am looking forward to the Chiefs next week.

Who were your three studs for the game between the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots? Leave a comment below.

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