Florida Gators: 3 Studs vs the Ole Miss Rebels

Well SEC football is back. Today in Oxford, Ole Miss hosted the Florida Gators. This was not a game that was not on either team schedule before Covid-19. This game was good for both teams. The Gators had a big game on offense and yet so did Ole Miss. The biggest difference I saw when the Rebels was on defense. What I like about the game was there were both live and cardboard fans in the stands. It is good to see fans even if they are limited. Being that I was at a USF Bulls game a few weeks ago with no fans it was eerie. I was excited to see the fifth-ranked Gators and see what many think will be a college football playoff team. I mentioned in my review earlier this week they must beat LSU and Georgia to accomplish that.

Evan McPherson

Many say that special teams are going away in the game of football. For as long as I have known, which is most of my 37 years on the planet, special teams win and lose football games. At the University of Florida, it has always been a big part of how successful the team has been. In the game today McPherson was outstanding. He went three for three on his field-goal attempts. Many will say that is nothing field goal kickers do that all the time. The reason I am putting him on my list of studs is that he made a 55-yard field goal. That long of a field goal is huge at the college ranks. He will be a weapon for Dan Mullen and the Florida Gators for the rest of 2020 and the foreseeable future.

Kyle Trask

We all know about Kyle Trask. He was a big part of why the Florida Gators went 11-2 and won the Orange Bowl in 2019. This is a big year for him to shine. Today Trask did just that. He went 30/42 for 416 yards and six touchdowns. He tied Joe Burrow of the LSU Tigers for most by an SEC quarterback in one game. It was great to watch. I am not going to say he will do this every game in 2020 but this what the type of start he needed. We all know also that Emory Jones will also be playing at the position and plays a big role as well. The offense in general looked good today.

Kyle Pitts

Trask had six touchdowns passes today and four of them went to Pitts. Coming into this season Pitts is going to be the major target for Trask on offense. He had eight catches for 170 yards. From what I saw he made some pivotal catches to help move the Florida Gators offense down the field and extend drives. Pitts played a big role last year and it will be bigger in 2020. Every quarterback has his go-to target. Pitts will be that for Trask. He might even be that for Jones as well. Like Trask, this was a good first game for Pitts.

The final score of the game was 51- 35. The Ole Miss Rebels offense played well and went up and down the field. They had a chance to score a touchdown near the end of the game to make the score even closer. The Florida Gators defense stopped that from happening. This was a strong start for the Gators, and they will only get better. It was good to see all three facets of the game work for Florida. The Gators lost a lot to the NFL. Look for the Gators to play their first SEC East opponent in the South Carolina Gamecocks at home in the Swamp.

Did I get my three studs right for the game between the Florida Gators and Ole Miss Rebels? Leave a comment below.

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