USF Bulls: Three Studs against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Well, I was hoping to be writing about an upset. But we got what many thoughts would happen a 52-0 shutout. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish dominated the USF Bulls. It did not start well for the Bulls. On the opening kick out, they committed a face mask penalty that moved the Irish 15 yards closer to scoring. All game long the Bulls struggled on defense. Ian Book moved the offense up and down the field. He used his arm and legs on that opening drive he ran in for a touchdown. On defense, they kept the Bulls at bay. The biggest aspect of the Bulls offense was the run game and there were very few times the Bulls had big plays. Last week against the Citadel they used that run game to run up the score. What this game showed me is how far the Bulls still must go.

Ian Book

This is the straw that stirs the drink for the Irish. He showed why the Irish are favorited to be a playoff team. Book went 12 for 19 for 143 yards. That was not where he made his biggest impact he rushed four times for nine yards and three touchdowns. He shredded the Bulls defense all game. For what I saw USF never had an answer. It looked like they were unprepared. It showed where the Irish are and how far the Bulls must go. On one drive Book had six seconds to go through his progressions. A team will be able to win if their quarterback has that much time to decide where he wants to go with the ball.

C’Bo Flemister

All for running backs for the Irish all scored a touchdown. This is a big part of the Irish offense. I could have picked the running game, but I chose Flemister. He had 13 carries for 127 yards and one touchdown. Flemister averaged 9.8 yards per carrying. The Bulls struggled with the power of Notre Dame running backs. On many plays when the Bulls went to initially go to tackle the backs would out muscle them. Just a few times they would be able to stop them. The teams that the Irish are playing the rest of the season should be warned about this rushing attack they have.

Tommy Tremble

Tremble has been compared to George Kettle of the San Francisco 49ers. After seeing him today I would agree. He is a great player in all facets of what a tight end is supposed to be. Tremble had one carry for four yards. On the other hand, he had three receptions for 60 yards averaging 20 yards a catch. Tremble did not have a touchdown. He did have so bone-crunching hits on Bulls defenders. Tremble is going to be a big part of Notre Dame offense. Look for him to have a big year and be maybe a high draft pick in the NFL Draft.

Look guys I am part of a podcast called the Bulls Eye that airs on Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST. On that show, I said that the Bulls were going to win 23-20 just like they did in 2011. I was so wrong and felt like an idiot. I can see that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are a team that could be one that wins the National Championship. The USF Bulls have a long way to go. They are a young team with a rookie head coach. I am not upset with the result it would have been nice not to be shutout. It reminded me a lot of the game last year against the Wisconsin Badgers. In that game, the final score was 49-0. I am hoping the Bulls can beat Willie Taggert, their former coach, and the Florida Atlantic Owls.

What were your thoughts on the game between USF Bulls and Notre Dame Fighting Irish? Leave your comments below.

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