USF Bulls: Three Studs vs The Citadel Bulldogs

The 2020 USF Bulls football season kicked off under a rainy sky. They also had no fans in the stands. For this sportswriter it was bizarre. This game was supposed to kick off at 1 PM EST but was pushed back because of the heat and threat of a tropical storm to 7 PM EST. This started the Jeff Scott era for the Bulls. The team came out in the no-huddle offense which we rarely saw under Charlie Strong in 2019. Their opponent the Citadel Bulldogs are an exciting team to watch. The Bulldogs run an option style offense and for the first few drives, the had the Bulls defense on their toes. The Bulls offense found their groove in the middle of the first half and took a lead into the half. Here are three studs for the game Bulls vs Citadel Bulldogs.

USF Special Teams

One of the shortest punt returns in NCAA football history. The return was for no yards on a bad punt by Citadel kicker Matt Campbell. Campbell fumbled the punt snap and then tried to kick it on his attempt it came off the side of his foot and was caught by Omarion Dollison. He was in the right place in the end zone. They covered kicks as well only allowing a punt return no longer than 41-yards. No one is perfect as they say they accounted for a miss extra point and field goal. The punt return will be a play we will see on highlights reels for a long time to come. In the end, the recovered a muffed punt. The Bulls had a good night.

Brandon Rainey

As I mentioned earlier the Citadel Bulldogs run an option style offense. He did a particularly respectable job with keeping the Bulls defense on their toes. In that style of offense, many do not know where the ball is going in that style of offense. He runs the offense very well with his deception. Rainey is more of a running quarterback than a passing one. Rainey only completed four passes on 18 attempts for 84 yards. On the other hand, he was led in rushing for the Bulldogs 20 attempts for 65 yards. At the beginning of the game, he led the Bulldogs down the field to get their only points.

Johnny Ford

Most will not have recognized him as he changed his number from 20 to one. It surprised me to see him in a different number. It is a new era for the USF Bulls so maybe he changed numbers to make a change. He was one that was in Charlie Strong doghouse last year for violating team rules. From the moves, he was making it looked like the same player that was a one-two punch with Jordan Cronkrite in 2018. Ford is dynamic because he can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Ford had two catches for 15 yards and rushed for 71 yards on nine carries. He had a solid game and will need another one against the Fighting Irish next week.

Overall, this was a good game for the USF Bulls. It showed us what they are strong and weak in. This will prepare them for next week as they travel to South Bend, Indiana to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Bulls used many different quarterbacks I have a good feeling that coach Scott will have the same kind of game plan next week. The Bulls will have to be on point because they will be playing a much better team. If I had to give out the fourth stud it would be the South Florida defense. The defense adjusted to the option offense and kept the Bulldogs at bay. Just allowing only six points.

Did I get the right studs for the game between the Citadel Bulldogs and the USF Bulls? Leave a comment below.

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