USF Bulls: A Look at the Citadel Bulldogs

Well USF Bulls fans it is time to kick off the 2020 football season. The first game will be at home against the Citadel Bulldogs. Remember the Bulls were supposed to be traveling to Austin, Texas to play the Texas Longhorns. The reason the schedule changed is because of the coronavirus. This will be under first-year head coach Jeff Scott. The Bulls will be starting redshirt sophomore, Jordan McCloud. McCloud played last year but was injured. This year it will be mostly an all-conference schedule. Most have the Bulls finishing dead last in the AAC. It will be a season that should be better than last year. Scott will be focusing on the offensive side the ball which Charlie Strong had issues with. The Bulls have a tough schedule, but they can get some wins and possibly a bowl appearance.

Kickoff was scheduled for 1 pm, however, it has been changed to 7 pm because of the heat. There will be no fans so it will be quiet. I am hoping to be one of the media members in the press box. The Citadel Bulldogs finished the season 6-6 last year. They were in the middle of the pack in their division. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The USF Bulls were 4-8 and were in the basement with the East Carolina Pirates. They had many painful losses and hopefully, things can turn around this year. It will be different without having the Bulls fans but this a chance for Jeff Scott to get off to a good start in 2020. Nothing against the Bulldogs but they are not what the Bulls will be playing later this year. This is the type of game where they can flex their muscles but at the same time does not take lightly.

I see this game being a game that the Bulls will win. They are a young team and probably are a year or two away from being what many people think they can be. The talent is here I am hoping that we will give coach Scott the time to get his style of players here to put this program back on the map. It was that way under Jim Leavitt. When Leavitt was let go the next few years were dismal. Charlie Strong had one good year out of three while he here. Jeff Scott is the right person for the job and is a good leader. The one game that all of us Bulls fans mark on our calendar is the one against the UCF Knights at the end of the season. The Knights have had the Bulls number the last few years.

In the end, I see the Bulls starting their 2020 season off with a win. This a game that they can see where their strengths and weakness are. It will also show us how Jeff Scott is going to lead the program. The Bulls do not have to come out and make a statement because no one excepts much out of them. If I was coach Scott, I was that as motivation. Tell my team guys just go have fun and play the great game of football. This team can win more than four games this year. This will be a great start for the Jeff Scott era with a win for the Bulls over the Citadel Bulldogs.

Who wins this Saturday the USF Bulls or the Citadel Bulldogs? Leave a comment below.

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