New York Mets: Amed Rosario to Be Traded This Offseason?

At one point in time, New York Mets shortstop Amed Rosario was the best prospect in baseball. He isn’t even seeing much playtime recently. Manager Luis Rojas has played shortstop/second baseman Andres Giminez more recently.

They have another shortstop prospect waiting in the wings in Ronny Mauricio.

Rosario is only 24 years old. It is possible he may need a change of scenery. Amed Rosario will be under arbitration for the next three seasons. He will then be an unrestricted free agent after the 2023 season.

Changes Coming?

Rosario may not even be with the team past 2024 or 2025, let alone next season because of Steve Cohen possibly buying the New York Mets from the Wilpon’s.

It is also possible that they fire general manager Brodie Van Wagenen. That would mean a new general manager would be brought in.

It is very possible that they sign Francisco Lindor in free agency. He currently plays shortstop for the Cleveland Indians. They could also sign starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, who currently plays for the Cincinnati Reds. Catcher J.T. Realmuto is also a possibility for the New York Mets in free agency this offseason.

Realmuto currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia fans are afraid to lose him though.

Cohen could also sign outfielder George Springer, who currently plays for the Houston Astros though.

Ceiling Has Been Reached?

Amed Rosario may have appeared to reach his ceiling, while Giminez and Mauricio still have a ton of upside with this team though

Rosario has played in 32 games so far this season and he has been benched for the last few of them. Amed Rosario’s batting average so far this season is .229 with three home runs and 13 RBI’s, along with zero stolen bases. He has been caught stealing once though. His on-base percentage is .250.

In 389 career games, Rosario’s batting average is .267 with 31 home runs and 146 RBI’s, along with 50 stolen bases. Amed Rosario has been caught stealing 25 times. His career on-base percentage is .301.

This shortstop position is the heartbeat of the New York Mets team. It will be interesting to see whether or not Amed Rosario is in their future plans after this season.

Final Thoughts

Andres Gimenez has played in 33 games for the New York Mets so far this season. His batting average is .282 with one home run and eight RBI’s, along with seven stolen bases. Gimenez’s on-base percentage is .329 so far this season.

He is only 21 years old though.

As for Ronny Mauricio, he is only 19 years old. In 173 career minor league games, Mauricio’s batting average is .270 with seven home runs and 72 RBI’s, along with eight stolen bases. He has been caught stealing 16 times though. His on-base percentage is .306.

Ronny Mauricio played in 116 games last season for the Columbus FireFlies in Single-A. He probably won’t be in the major leagues until 2022 or 2023. Mauricio is going to take his time developing and I am sure that is what the New York Mets want though.

Because of the development of Andres Gimenez and Ronny Mauricio and also with the possibility of signing Francisco Lindor in the offseason, it will push Amed Rosario out the door this offseason because he doesn’t play defense as well as any of those players though.

What do you think of the New York Mets potentially trading shortstop Amed Rosario in the offseason? Leave a comment below.

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