Batman: When is a Remake Too Much?

With the release of The Batman trailer a couple of weeks ago at DC Fandom, a lot of general moviegoers are asking “another Batman?”.

It is confusing with a lot of remakes not just from DC’s Batman but the three iterations that have of Spiderman since 2001 as well. However, this is a “year two” Batman so he is relatively young. Year one will take place in a spin-off series on HBO. There hasn’t been a live-action Batman that is just starting out on the big or small screen. 

DC is at least going to justify some versions of Batman by bringing them together (aside from Pattinsons) in The Flash movie. Keaton and Affleck’s versions of The Bat will show up in the movie. In the comics, DC has a multi-verse where there is more than one earth.

I am still waiting for a version of Batman that the tone is set like The Wire. Batman is the world’s greatest detective. The Wire was all detective work, the cops only shot their guns two times in five seasons.  A Batman show with mostly detective work would be a good take on the character. 

When are remakes too much?

As long as you have different directors, a different actor, you can do as many versions of the character as possible. The likeability of The World’s Greatest Detective helps as well. No one is going to ask for many versions of Aquaman. Production plans have started for Batman Beyond. Which is about Bruce Wayne being a senior citizen and training a Dark Knight that uses future tech like a flying suit.

Since this is a young Cowled Crimefighter, it will be interesting to see how they handle the character development of the Caped Crusader having a code to not kill, not trusting anyone, and see how smart he really is since The Riddler is one of the more clever villains “Batsy” has.

Another thing that Batman has going for it, is his dark and brooding tone. It’s why Nolan’s Batman looked great. Nolan knows how to work with a “dark” movie. In today’s cinema standard that holds up really well compared to George Clooney’s version which came across as mostly tacky.

The Batman looks good, will you watch? Leave a comment. 

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