Philadelphia Phillies: It’s Time to Fix This Team and Fire Matt Klentak

With the Philadelphia Phillies now a few games under .500, it’s time to reevaluate this team. They need to terminate the services of general manager Matt Klentak.

The Phils began their rebuild back in 2016 and Klentak has been with the franchise since October 2015.

He has a history of signing players to cheap, bargain bin contracts. Over the last two offseasons, Klentak picked up Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, and Zack Wheeler. And all of those contracts were very team-friendly might I add.

Klentak completed a pair of trades on Friday.

The Phils acquired reliever David Hale from the New York Yankees. Philly also got Brandon Workman and Heath Hembree from the Boston Red Sox. In the deal with the Sox, the Phils shipped out fan-favorite Nick Pivetta and Connor Seabold.

This trade doesn’t mean the Phillies will be this great team and their pitching will be flawless, which leads me to a specific topic.

Klentak new this Philly pitching staff needed an upgrade before the season.

However, the GM decided to pinch pennies and role with a washed-up Tommy Hunter, a no-name in Deolis Guerra, and a rookie in Ramon Rosso.

I understand he probably thought this pen would be better than what it has been and most Phillies fans probably thought the same thing.

However, we all knew the pen needed some extra help before the season.

How is it that team owner John Middleton goes from saying the Phils could spend stupid money to saying absolutely nothing?

How does this team only sign ONE impact pitcher this past offseason when clearly it needed more pitching assistance?

Klentak waited until right before game No. 22 before he decided to make trades for pitching help. I don’t understand the logic.

I feel bad for manager Joe Girardi and All-Star caliber players like Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, Aaron Nola, and Wheeler.

Jose Alvarez has also been effective and is the best bullpen pitcher the Phils have right now.

Clearly, the Phillies have to fix their pitching staff. Did I mention Vince Velasquez, Jake Arrieta, and Zach Eflin are not quite the most trustworthy bunch in that rotation?

Jeez, you would think after four seasons Phillies brass would cut Velasquez loose, but nope he still makes the team every year.

Now in his fifth season in Philly pinstripes, Vince has struggled to make it past four innings and can’t go deep in games.

Arrieta is washed-up and needs a change of scenery.

Eflin needs to be a No. 5 starter, not a No. 3 or 4 arm.

It’s going to be tough to try and do a complete overhaul of this pitching staff, but it needs to happen.

Austin Davis and Connor Brogdon are not worthy of being in the Major Leagues after subpar performances.

Davis could be a long relief guy, but overall he isn’t worth a sniff and should be a minor leaguer most of the time probably.

Klentak gave Girardi a bullpen/pitching staff that has been awful this season. Dallas Keuchel, Madison Bumgarner, Tanner Roark, and Wade Miley were all free agents this past offseason and none of them end up in Philly.

Klentak could have plucked one of those guys at least.

I’m not saying Klentak didn’t do anything right. He did sign good players and make trades to help the Phils with their playoff pursuit in recent years.

Trade acquisitions include Asdrubal Cabrera, Justin Bour, Wilson Ramos, and J.T. Realmuto.

Klentak also tried to add to the Phils minor league system by bringing in Enyel De Los Santos, JD Hammer, Mark Appel, and Tom Eshelman. Unfortunately, none of those pitchers panned out.

It’s gotten to the point where the front office seems too complacent with how the team is trending.

The Phillies should be much better than what they are right now. The franchise should not have pitching or fielding issues where it’s costing them ball games. This does not look like a team that is done with their rebuild.

It doesn’t look as if Realmuto is getting an extension with the Phillies and that is also a major concern.

If he walks next offseason, the Phils need to have a backup plan in place. They also need to be aggressive with the checkbook.

Klentak helped with this rebuild, but Gabe Kapler was not a good skipper and that doesn’t help Matt’s case to keep his job.

If the Phillies are not careful, they could find themselves missing the playoffs for the next few seasons. And they could find themselves in a brand new rebuild if they can’t keep or acquire good players to help take them to the playoffs.

I’m not sure what else to say about this Phillies team, but they better hope Alec Bohm and Spencer Howard continue to develop the right way at the Major League level.

The only thing going for them is that there are five Wild Card spots available this season, but when next year comes around they better be ready. If the Phils don’t have their team in order, then next year’s 162-game schedule will feel like a neverending purgatory of losses.

Should the Philadelphia Phillies get rid of Matt Klentak and find someone else to take the franchise to another level?  Leave a comment below.

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