Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard Continues to Carry the Team

The headlined match up of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers series began on Tuesday night. Portland trailed by as many as six points in the fourth quarter, but once again, Damian Lillard carried the team on his back once again by scoring 34 points in a 100-93 Game 1 victory over Los Angeles.

Lillard also shot 42.9 percent from the field. He also grabbed five rebounds, recorded five assists, and blocked one shot. Damian Lillard continues to shoot 3’s from near the half-court logo and he keeps on draining them.

Lillard is shooting from basically the parking lot in games right now though. People and fans on Twitter are calling him logo Dame on though.

This isn’t your typical eighth seed vs one seed match up because of how deep Portland is. Los Angeles is still a very good basketball team and I expect them to win this series, but it may take the Lakers to win this in either six or seven though.

Damian Lillard is the heartbeat and the heart and soul of this basketball team. If they are going to go on a deep run, they are going to have to keep relying on him in Portland.

C.J. McCollum scored 21 points. He shot 40 percent from the field. McCollum also grabbed five rebounds and recorded one steal.

Anthony Davis led the way for Los Angeles with 28 points. He shot 33.3 percent from the field. Davis also grabbed 11 rebounds, recorded one assist, blocked two shots, and recorded two steals.

Lebron James scored 23 points for the Los Angeles Lakers. He shot 45 percent from the field. James also grabbed 17 rebounds, recorded 16 assists, and recorded one steal.

This was another playoff triple-double recorded in his illustrious NBA career though despite the losing effort though. This was his first NBA Playoff Game since losing Game 4 of the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors back in 2018 though.

If Lebron is going to be passive-aggressive in this series, it is possible that the Lakers could lose this series. There will most likely be no more g.o.a.t. talk with him and Michael Jordan if Lebron James and the Lakers lose this series though.

Time is going to tell because it may appear that Damian Lillard is the hottest player on the planet right now though. He has not won an NBA Championship in his illustrious career. He is also the most under-appreciated point guard in the NBA though.

This Portland Trail Blazers team happened to be in the Western Conference Finals just last season as the number three seed. They were swept in four games against the top-seeded Golden State Warriors. But, Portland led in every game by double digits though.

If the Trail Blazers are going to get back there and potentially the NBA Finals, Damian Lillard is going to have to carry them.

The last time they were in the NBA Finals was back in 1992 against the Chicago Bulls and lost in six games.

The last time Portland won it all was back in 1977 against the Philadelphia 76ers in six games though. The question is will Damian Lillard and crew be able to lead them there? Stay tuned for the rest of the NBA Playoffs to find out what will happen.

What do you think of Damian Lillard’s heroics once again in Game 1 for the Portland Trail Blazers? Leave a comment below.

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