Utah Jazz: Donovan Mitchell’s 57-Point Performance Not Enough

The Utah Jazz were the sixth seed in the Western Conference. They faced the Denver Nuggets, who were the third seed in the Western Conference. Donovan Mitchell scored 57 points for Utah, but it wasn’t enough for them in a 135-125 Game 1 loss against the Denver Nuggets.

Mitchell’s 57 points in a losing effort were the most since Michael Jordan‘s 62 points back in the 1980s against the Boston Celtics. Donovan Mitchell is going to need more help from his teammates if Utah is going to pull off the upset in this series.

The Denver Nuggets are much deeper than the Utah Jazz. One of the reasons why Denver won this game was because of how effective Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray were.

Jokic finished with 29 points. He shot 52.4 percent from the field. Nikola Jokic also grabbed 10 rebounds, recorded three assists, blocked one shot, and recorded two steals.

Murray scored 36 points. He shot 65 percent from the field. Jamal Murray also grabbed five rebounds, recorded nine assists, and recorded one steal.

Murray and Donovan Mitchell stole the show in the fourth quarter. The game was tied at 115 heading into the overtime session though. Mitchell also shot 57.6 percent from the field. He also grabbed nine rebounds, recorded seven assists, and recorded one steal.

After the game was over, Jamal Murray caught Donovan Mitchell somewhere and Murray posted it on his Instagram Story. That is the current life of the bubble right now though.

Mitchell’s teammate, Rudy Gobert, scored 17 points. He shot 72.7 percent from the field. Gobert grabbed seven rebounds, recorded one assist, blocked four shots, and recorded two steals.

Donovan Mitchell will need other teammates to step up and he is Quin Snyder’s most reliable player though.

Mitchell is the heartbeat and the heart and soul of this basketball team though. He is a star in the making however.

It will be interesting to see what else is going to happen in this series. They will most likely be without Mike Conley for this series due to the birth of a child.

The Utah Jazz could be out in five which I think is potentially going to happen, but they could very well extend this to six or seven games because of the special play by Donovan Mitchell. He is a competitor and isn’t going to go down without a fight though nonetheless.

If Utah also had Bojan Bogdanovic, they would have had a better chance to win as well because he is an elite scorer as well in the NBA though. The Jazz could win one round if Donovan Mitchell is spectacular, but that’s about it though.

Game 2 of this series is going to be on Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. Eastern on TNT. We will see what happens in this game though because it could be a very good one again and it could come down to the wire though, so buckle up though and enjoy it though!

What do you think of Donovan Mitchell’s 57-point performance in a losing effort? Leave a comment below.

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