NBA: A Sneak Peek Inside the Postseason Teams

The NBA postseason field is basically set. The only thing that has to be decided is the #8 seed in the Western Conference. The Portland Trail Blazers (35-39) will face the Memphis Grizzlies (34-39) in the play-in tournament.

With Portland currently in the eighth spot, the need to win only win one game. That game will be at 2:30 p.m. Eastern on Saturday on ABC. If Memphis wins, then there will be a second game on Sunday at 4 p.m. Eastern on ESPN.

The Grizzlies have to beat them twice in order to get the eighth seed and face the Los Angeles Lakers (52-19).

The Trail Blazers would have been out if they didn’t defeat the Brooklyn Nets, 134-133 on Thursday night.

Damian Lillard is one of the reasons why Portland is in the position they are in.

Ja Morant did just enough in the bubble to get Memphis in the play-in tournament.

The Phoenix Suns (34-39) would have made the postseason. They went 8-0 in the bubble. As for the San Antonio Spurs (32-39), their 22-year postseason streak ended.

Devin Booker was on fire in the bubble for Phoenix.

San Antonio Head Coach Gregg Popovich spoke about the playoff streak ending after a 118-112 loss to the Utah Jazz on Thursday afternoon. “Looking at the past doesn’t do much good,” Popovich said. “Any success we’ve had has been because we’ve had some great players.”

Western Conference

So what are the other match ups in the Western Conference? (7) Dallas Mavericks (43-32) vs (2) Los Angeles Clippers (48-23), (6) Utah Jazz (44-28) vs (3) Denver Nuggets (46-26), and (5) Houston Rockets (44-27) vs (4) Oklahoma City Thunder (44-27).

My favorite: Los Angeles Clippers.
My dark horse: Denver Nuggets.
My disappointment: Houston Rockets.

Eastern Conference

So what are the match ups in the Eastern Conference? (8) Orlando Magic (33-40) vs (1) Milwaukee Bucks (56-17), (7) Brooklyn Nets (35-37) vs (2) Toronto Raptors (52-19), (6) Philadelphia 76ers (42-30) vs (3) Boston Celtics (48-24), and (5) Indiana Pacers (44-28) vs (4) Miami Heat (44-28).

My favorite: Milwaukee Bucks.
My dark horse: Miami Heat.
My disappointment: Philadelphia 76ers.

The NBA Playoffs is the heart and soul of the NBA for the players and its fans. The NBA Playoffs should be fun once again this season.

The Toronto Raptors are the defending NBA Champions. They defeated the Golden State Warriors last season in six games. Toronto had Kawhi Leonard last season.

The Golden State Warriors didn’t even make it to the playoffs this season because of the injuries for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

It will be interesting to see what happens this postseason. Also, LeBron James will also be back in the postseason this year after missing it last season in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He went to eight consecutive NBA Finals before that with the Cleveland Cavaliers (four times, 1-3 record) and the Miami Heat (four times, 2-2 record). James is in his quest for fourth ring. This team, the Los Angeles Lakers, will be looking to win it all in honor of Kobe “Bean” Bryant.

Will they win it all at the end of the day? Stay tuned because the NBA Playoffs begin this Monday, the 17th of August. Russell Westbrook may miss the entire first-round series due to a quad strain and James Harden may have to carry this team again.

LeBron James and others will headline the NBA Postseason though. We will see how this plays out though and the NBA Finals is projected to begin around Wednesday, September 30th. The last potential day for it could be Tuesday, October 13th and all of these dates could be tentative though. The 14th and 15th could be used though.

What do you think of the potential NBA Playoffs coming up? Leave a comment below.

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