Should the Miami Marlins be Forced to Forfeit the Season?

The Miami Marlins took two-out-of-three on the road against the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend, but it came at a costly price. Miami has 16 total people in their club house that has tested positive for the coronavirus.

There are no other issues across baseball with the other 29 clubs. With that in mind, the Marlins are forced to stay quarantined until at least Monday and it maybe even longer.

The New York Yankees were supposed to play the Philadelphia Phillies, but those games were postponed and will be made up. Philadelphia is expected to play the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend.

The Washington Nationals will have the weekend off. They were supposed to travel to Miami. The question is, if the Marlins are forced to miss more time after Monday, should they forfeit the season?

The answer is and unequivocally yes. Their is only so much time to play 60 games in 66 days. The problem is you can’t do standings off a win percentage.

I think that they would have to forfeit. If they are not forced to forfeit, the games that were missed should be automatic wins for the other teams though.

If they are forced to forfeit the season, it would be an automatic 2-58 record for them and no they shouldn’t forfeit a draft pick either, but they shouldn’t be award the number one pick either though.

The Baltimore Orioles should be given an extra four wins, the Washington Nationals should be given an extra 10 wins, the New York Mets should be given an extra 10 wins, the Philadelphia Phillies should be given an extra seven wins, the Atlanta Braves should be given an extra 10 wins, the Boston Red Sox should be given an extra three wins, the Toronto Blue Jays should be given an extra four wins, the New York Yankees should be given an extra three wins, and the Tampa Bay Rays should be given an extra six wins.

Two of the key players that received a positive test was Miguel Rojas and Jose Urena.

Rojas is the heart and soul of this team. He is one of the few stars they can count on to help rebuild this team.

Derek Jeter, the CEO of the Miami Marlins, has recommended this team move to a daily testing thing though.

Jeff Passan of ESPN and Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic have done an excellent job covering this situation though across the MLB. We’ll see if the Miami Marlins will be able to field a team this season.

According to Bob Nightengale, a U.S.A. TODAY Sports Columnist for Baseball, he tweeted out that the Miami Marlins could have very well partied in Atlanta though.

They may not be paid during this outbreak. We will see what happens moving forward though and let’s see if Miami Mayor, Francis X. Suarez, will allow them to even play there. They should be recommended to quarantine for 14 days whenever they get back into the state to play games though.

What do you think the MLB should do about the Miami Marlins? Leave a comment below.

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