NCAA Football: It’s Time to Cancel the 2020 Season Entirely

Yes, the coronavirus is still a major issue in the United States and it’s to the point where the entire NCAA Football season should get canceled this year.

I understand people will hold on to what little hope they might have. However, this is not a me versus you situation.

Personally, I would like to watch baseball, football, and other sports without hearing about the virus.

But, this is the world we live in.

Since positive cases have continued to rise in many states, why not cancel the 2020 campaign?

I understand folks want to make money whether it’s the universities or the NCAA, but it just doesn’t make sense.

Here are a few reasons why.

Prevention Against COVID-19

Let’s think about this for a minute.

In NCAA football, you have a bunch of players standing in a big cluster on the sideline. Coaches and cheerleaders are also standing less than six feet apart.

Oh and let’s not forget players sweat, spit and exhale when they are out on the field for all four quarters. Yes, those players are not social distancing themselves either.

There are 22 players on the field during a football game in college, professional, and high school games by the way.

Why put the players at risk?

If the PSAC, Patriot League, and Ivy League are canceling fall sports, shouldn’t that be a sign for the entire NCAA football season?

I don’t care if you limit the schedules to conference-only schedules.

Students still have to migrate from one state to another.

Are we going to trust that they will not go out and about when they are away from their teammates and coaches?

Will they relentlessly adhere to the protocols meant to combat the virus?

Money Isn’t Everything

Let’s make one thing clear.

Student-athletes have families and friends they want to protect.

Of course, a lot of players will want to participate during an NCAA football season. That’s what they do and they probably think they will not contract the virus.

The NCAA and the Power 5 conferences should swallow their pride and cancel the season in order to shield athletes and coaches from this virus.

Don’t they understand that the virus doesn’t always appear in a person right away?

People don’t always show virus symptoms right away. It can take time.

Are we really going to put players’ health in jeopardy all because of money and other benefits of having a season?

How often will there be testing? Will players be monitored during each week?

Yes, I may not trust everyone when it comes to people handling this virus the correct way.

But, isn’t that justified?

I’ve seen locally, how little people actually care about their health and health of others during the pandemic.

Health Experts 

Myron Rolle, former Tennessee Titans safety, is a neurosurgery resident and recently said it’s not safe for the NFL to return right now.

He also said the NFL should delay or cancel the 2020 season.

How can the NCAA and other folks connected to the sports world not listen to what he says? After all, Rolle played at Florida State and in the NFL.

If a “football guy” is saying this then that should tell you something right there.

It was reported last week that 150 medical experts said the country should shut down again, which is logical since there is a spike in cases.

People are also not wearing masks in big gatherings or are not wearing them correctly.

Should the NCAA football season get canceled entirely? Leave a comment below.

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