MLB: Predicting Division Winners for the 2020 Season

2020 is going to go down as a historically bad year for society. We have seen our president get an impeachment trial, the stock market has been up and down a lot, and as of this writing, the world is in the middle of a major pandemic. During this pandemic, many things we take for granted were put on hold. Some of them would include professional sports, going to the movies, and something simple as food shopping. While we are still a far way away from going back to normal, many states have been going through different phrases of reopening. With states reopening, we are starting to see a lot of things make a return. One of those is Major League Baseball, which is set to have opening day tomorrow. 

However, due to the pandemic, this will not be a normal MLB season. For starters, instead of it being the normal 162 game schedule, we will be seeing 60 games being played. In addition, there won’t be fans allowed to any games. Lastly, we won’t be seeing cross country games, so we won’t see the Dodgers coming to play the Marlins or the Yankees playing Seattle. While this won’t be a normal season, it’s not too late to provide some sort of predictions to who will win the divisions this year. Without further or do, we will be going through who we think will be winning all six divisions. 


American League East

The winner will be the New York Yankees. Last year, they had over 100 wins once again in 2019. However, they did it with most of the lineup injured. With the shortened season, this team will be unstoppable and clinch the division. Yes, there are a few minor concerns, but I doubt that it will have a major impact on this team. They are also in a division that is one-sided. The Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays do not have what it takes to slow them down. 

American League Central

The winner of this division will be the Chicago White Sox. I know this is crazy, but hear me out. The AL Central is probably the most open division in baseball. While I could have gone with the Twins or Indians, the White Sox seem to be fixed on 2020 being the year for them. You have sixty games and a young, hungry team. With Tim Anderson leading the charge, this will be the team I see winning the AL central.  

American League West

The division winner will be the Houston Astros. Like we have said with the American League East, the West is pretty much a cut and dry division. They have pretty much dominated the division for the last couple of years and I don’t suspect they will slow down this year. I do suspect that we will get one of the Wild Card teams coming out of this division.  :  

National League East

The New York Mets will capture this division crown. This is one of the toughest divisions to pick because you could see the Mets, Braves, Nationals, or Phillies. However, if the Mets are healthy and don’t get hit with an injury bug, they can be deadly. With DeGrom leading the pitching staff, I doubt anyone could stop them. 

National League Central

This division winner will be the St. Louis Cardinals. While they have Yader Molina still being a threat in the lineup, they have good pieces. The Brewers and Cubs will make it tough for them in the MLB, but the Cardinals will probably edge them both out slightly. 

National League West

The winner of this division will be the Los Angeles Dodgers. When we look at the teams in the West, they are atop the pack. Between the dominant hitting and shut down pitching, it will be tough to stop them. There’s been a lot of people saying that the Dodgers will probably be in the World Series. Barring some bad stuff, I see that happening. . .

Which teams do you think will win each MLB division this 2020 season? Leave comments below.

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