Buffalo Sabres: Three Best Calls From Announcer Rick Jeanneret

We all love the men and women that call our favorite teams. If you had read the three baseball announcer in Vin Scully, Bob Uecker, and Ernie Harwell. Today I am going to take my stab at one of the best hockey broadcasters. That would be Rick Jeanneret. If you have never heard of him he is the play-by-play broadcaster for the Buffalo Sabres. He has been with the Sabres since their second season which took place in 1971-72. Jeanneret is the longest-tenured play by play broadcaster. He has many great lines from his years with Sabres. My favorite of all of them is when a Sabers player scores a top-shelf goal. The line he uses “Where mama hides the cookies”. Today I am going to try and find his top three calls of all time. That will be hard because there are so many great ones.

Brad May OT Winner ” May Day” 

This goal took place on April 24, 1993. In that game, they were playing the Boston Bruins. This took place during the first round of the NHL playoffs. This goal ended game four and a sweep of the Bruins. The final score was 6-5. When he scored the goal Rick Jeanneret was excited. His call everyone will remember “May Day May Day May Day”. This is while Brad May skated down the ice before celebrating with his very excited teammates. The fans were also one of the loudest reactions I heard for a game-winning goal. This is my favorite Jeanneret call.

Pat Lafontaine “La La La La La La Lafontaine” 

Pat Lafontaine played six years with the Buffalo Sabres. He scored 158 goals while playing with the Buffalo Sabres. It became a tradition when he scored when you would hear “La La La La La Lafontaine” from Rick Jeanneret. I have seen where Lafontaine still till this day have fans come up to him saying what Jeanneret call was. This is just another one of those unique calls that will stick with us. This helped Lafontaine become a fan favorite with Sabers fans alike. Many hockey fans including myself know this call.

Snow vs Shields

This call came on May 3, 1997, as the Buffalo Sabres were playing the Philadelphia Flyers. Many hockey fans go to games to see fights during a game. It is a rarity to see the goaltenders fight each other. Many of us know what happens in the ’90s between the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings. We all know the history of the Philadelphia Flyers being called Broad Street Bullies. During this game, the Flyers and Sabres got into it. Garth Snow the Sabers’ goaltender called out Steve Shields the Flyers goaltender. As they start to fight Rick Jeanneret goes crazy and his call is “Garth Snow is firing shots at Shields”. This was great to see this fight and the great call.

Rick Jeanneret is one of the best in sports. I love hearing still today as he still the play by play broadcaster for the Buffalo Sabers. We, unfortunately, will not hear Jeanneret because the Sabers did not make the playoffs this year. He has been there through the good and bad with the Sabers.

Did I get the Rick Jeanneret calls correct? Leave a comment below.

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