Washington Redskins: End of an Era

88 years ago, a new team entered the NFL. At the time, they had the name of the Boston Braves. The following year the changed their name. In 1933, they became the Boston Redskins. Then in 1937, the team moved to Washington DC and became the Washington Redskins. A name that has stuck and resonated with people and fans across the world. Whether it be a good memory or a bad one, the name was significant with people around the world. This will all change on Monday, as the Washington Redskins will be retired.

Several reports emerged late Sunday that stated the Redskins name would be retired. 87 years of history are associated with this name. They have been through several owners, head coaches, many Hall of Famers, and Championships. Let us examine some of the historical highlights.


George Preston Marshall

GPM was the original owner and founder of the Washington Redskins. Marshall was one of the innovators of his time. He was responsible for bringing the Redskins Marching Band, halftime shows, and cheerleaders to the game. Marshall also introduced radio to the game. He started a radio network that broadcast games throughout the south.

Jack Kent Cooke

JKC bought 25% of the Washington Redskins in 1961 after GPM suffered a stroke. He became the sole owner of the organization in 1985. Under JKC, the Redskins had their glory years. During his tenure, the team won three Super Bowls. They also moved into a new stadium moving out of the historical RFK Stadium. JKC died in 1997. At that time, his estate took over the franchise.

Daniel Snyder

Snyder is the current owner of the Washington Redskins. He purchased the team and the stadium from the JKC estate in 1999. The total price was $800 million. At that point, it was the most expensive purchase in sports history. However, the winning ways of the Redskins have disappeared since his purchase. Through the 2019 season, the Redskins are 142-193-1 with Snyder as an owner. That equates to a winning percentage of 42%.

Head Coaches

The Washington Redskins have had 31 (30 different) head coaches in their 88-year history. This includes two stints by the famed Joe Gibbs. There have many recognizable names on that list.

Lud Wray (1932) – 4-4-2

Lone Star Dietz (1933-1934) – 11-11-2

Eddie Casey (1935) – 2-8-1

Ray Flaherty (1936-1942) – 54-21-3. Playoffs 2-2

Dutch Bergman (1943) – 6-3-1. Playoffs 1-1

Dudley DeGroot (1944-1945) – 14-5-1. Playoffs 0-1

Turk Edwards (1946-1948) – 16-18-1

John Whelchel (1949) – 3-3-1

Herman Ball (1949-1951) – 4-16

Dick Todd (1951) – 5-4

Curly Lambeau (1952-1953) – 10-13-1

Joe Kuharich (1954-1958) – 26-32-2.

Mike Nixon (1959-1960) – 4-18-2

Bill McPeak (1961-1965) – 21-46-3

Otto Graham (1966-1968) – 17-22-3

Vince Lombardi (1969) – 7-5-2

Bill Austin (1970) – 6-8

George Allen (1971-1977) – 67-30-1. Playoffs 2-5

Jack Pardee (1978-1980) – 24-24

Joe Gibbs (1981-1992, 2004-2007) – 154-94. Playoffs 17-7

Ritchie Petitbon (1993) – 4-12

Norv Turner (1994-2000) – 49-59-1. Playoffs 1-1

Terry Robiske (2000) – 1-2

Marty Schottenheimer (2001) – 8-8

Steve Spurrier (2002-2003) – 12-20

Jim Zorn (2008-2009) – 12-20

Mike Shanahan (2010-2013) – 24-40. Playoffs 0-1

Jay Gruden (2014-2019) – 25-49-1. Playoffs 0-1

Bill Callahan (2019) – 3-8

Ron Rivera (2020 – Present) No Record.

Washington Redskins
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Rivera will make history and be the answer to two trivia questions. 1. Who was the last head coach of the Washington Redskins? 2. Who was the first head coach of the new Washington football team?

Hall of Fame

There have been several great players that have donned the Burgundy and Gold of the Washington Redskins. The team has 20 members of the organization that is in the Hall of Fame.

George Preston Marshall – Class of 1963

Sammy Baugh – Class of 1963

Bill Dudley – Class of 1966

Cliff Battles – Class of 1968

Wayne Millner – Class of 1968

Albert Glen “Turk” Edwards – Class of 1969

Ray Flaherty – Class of 1976

Sam Huff – Class of 1982

Sonny Jurgensen – Class of 1983

Bobby Mitchell – Class of 1983

Charlie Taylor – Class of 1984

Ken Houston – Class of 1986

John Riggins – Class of 1992

Joe Gibbs – Class of 1996

George Allen – Class of 2002

Art Monk – Class of 2008

Darrell Green – Class of 2008

Russ Grimm – Class of 2010

Chris Hanburger – Class of 2011

Bobby Beathard – Class of 2018


1937 NFL Champions

1942 NFL Champions

1982 Super Bowl XVII Champions

1988 Super Bowl XXII Champions

1992 Super Bowl XXVI Champions

The Washington Redskins also have 5 NFC Conference Championships and 14 division championships.

End of an Era

With the retiring of the current nickname, Redskins, comes a new name. However, that team will not announce the new name with the retiring of the old. There are trademark hurdles that the Redskins have to clear before the Washington Football Club can announce their new name. The goal remains to have the new name before the season starts.

Washington Redskins
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It is truly a bittersweet day in the history of this franchise. This is a day that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. No matter, I will still cheer for the Washington Football Club no matter what their new name is.

How are you feeling about the retiring of the Washington Redskins name? Leave a comment below.

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