Houston Rockets: Russell Westbrook Can Take Over NBA Restart

With the NBA playoffs on the horizon, no one should rule out Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets.

Many NBA fans will look at Milwaukee and both LA teams and then assume no one else has a chance to make the NBA Finals this year.

However, with so much time off I would think that opens the door even further for Boston, Denver, and the Rockets.

Houston has two of the best scorers in the league in Westbrook and James Harden. They also have a sweet supporting cast around them.

Even though it was reported Russell Westbrook has the coronavirus, I would expect him to come back ready to take this NBA restart by storm in the coming weeks.

Here are a few reasons why.

Basketball Super Strength

Westbrook is the ultimate competitor game in and game out.

He can attack the basket whenever he chooses to do so, which is instant trouble for opponents.

These are some of his best strengths on the court and if he is ready to play in time for the postseason it will be a nice remedy for fans starving for some hoops.

The NBA is obviously loaded with superstars, but Westbrook can add that electricity very few bring to the table, which should automatically assist the league’s ratings.

People love football, but basketball brings its fair share of viewers to the TV or computer screen each year, too.

Before the NBA closed down due to COVID-19, Westbrook was having his best scoring season since the 2016-17 campaign.

No. 0 averaged 27.5 PPG and posted a career-high from two-point range by shooting 51.8 %.

Time to Let Fans Know

There has been constant chatter surrounding both LA franchises and Milwaukee, but Houston has potential.

The Rockets are loaded with shooters from Harden and Westbrook to Robert Covington and Eric Gordon.

Let’s not forget P.J. Tucker can tack on a few easy buckets if need be as well as some strong defensive performances.

I understand defense has been a question with a roster that is coached by Mike D’Antoni, but it has done well enough to help defeat the following teams:

  • Lakers (split two-game series)
  • Clippers (split four games)
  • Nuggets (split four games)
  • Celtics (swept two-game series)

In these games, Houston’s defense allowed an average of about 111 points per contest. It’s not terrible especially since it seems like every night during the season teams are going off for more than 120 PPG.

Plus, the Rockets’ offense can put up a ton of points themselves and counteract most of the teams out there.

Win Now

Russell Westbrook can play with the best players in basketball, but he needs to find a way towards his first NBA title.

The former UCLA guard is a two-time scoring champ, nine-time All-Star, and MVP of the 2016-17 season.

The Rockets’ star averaged a triple-double for three straight seasons while in Oklahoma City.

If you’re looking for a standout basketball player to get his first ring, why not consider Westbrook for that honor?

Will Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets win an NBA championship this summer? Leave a comment below.

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