Kansas City Chiefs: How the Patrick Mahomes Deal is Both Good and Bad

We are a few weeks away from training camp beginning for the NFL. While we are starting to see sports starting to come back amidst all the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday afternoon, we would find out that the Kansas City Chiefs will have their franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, for the next decade. When Adam Schefter of ESPN first announced the deal, all we knew was that it was a ten-year deal. Later on in the day, Ian Rapport of NFL Network ended up reporting the contract at $503 million and has $477 million in guaranteed mechanisms. 

When the deal was first announced, you had people who were on both sides of the aisle. On one end you had a lot of people who thought it was worth it. Those people had the mindset that the Chiefs basically got their franchise quarterback. It’s been a long time since the Chiefs had a franchise QB. On the other side, there were people who think that they paid him way too much money.

Those people think that since Patrick Mahomes has only played for only three seasons, he wasn’t worth half a billion-dollar contract. The last megadeal that happened in the NFL was former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning who signed a $252 million dollar deal. However, he did sign that after he won two Super Bowls. Mahomes has only played in two seasons. However, he has accomplished a lot in a short time. 

In two seasons, he has thrown for 76 touchdowns,18 interceptions, and had 9,412 yards. However, he is more known for having many comebacks and winning drives in the 4th quarter. I don’t see a problem with this contract at all. On the show, the Drive, they were talking about the contract. One of the hosts made a point that this was Mahomes’ first major contract and probably will be his last one.

When this contract comes to an end, he will be 36 years old and have played a fourteen-year career. On average, an NFL quarterback plays on average a 3 and a half year career. There are only a few players who played QB over ten years and were successful. Some of them include Peyton Manning (1998-2015), Brett Farve (1991-2010), Eli Manning (2003-2019) and Tom Brady (2000-current) are some of the quarterbacks who come to mind. It’s still going to be quite some time until we see Mahomes being put in that category, but he is slowly getting there. 

While he and the Kansas City Chiefs both won with this deal, it is going to make things interesting for quarterbacks who have their contracts coming up soon. One of the names being mentioned is Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. He is set to hit the free agency market in 2021. Another QB who could benefit from Mahomes’ contract is Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans. He is set to hit the free agency market in 2022. Both Prescott and Watson are still on their original contracts. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to open the season against the Houston Texans.

What side of the fence are you on regarding the Patrick Mahomes contract with the Kansas City Chiefs? Leave a comment below.

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