Cleveland Indians: Three New Names to Consider for 2020 and Beyond

With discussions breaking out over the Cleveland Indians possibly changing their name, I thought it would be good to examine new titles for the franchise.

It has been reported that The Tribe is prepared to talk about altering the nickname of their club and Terry Francona came out recently and said it’s “time to move forward.”

I understand why people would want to keep the name and those who refuse to keep it.

However, I predict the franchise will go in a new direction in order to create more of a positive vibe around their organization.

History of the Name

Back on January 16, 1915, sportswriters came up with the nickname, “Indians,” but they had a few names before that.

They were called the Blues and the Broncos prior to being called the “Naps.”

The Cleveland Naps existed from 1903 to 19011 and were named after player-manager Napoleon Lajoie.

From 1912 to 1914, the club was known as the Molly McGuires but was referred to as the Naps anyway.

Personally, I don’t believe using the word Indian(s) is bad or good. It’s a neutral word.

It’s just a name given to Native Americans and technically doesn’t have to be changed if the Cleveland Indians try to highlight people from India.

After all, people from India are known as Indians.

Option No. 1

One nickname Cleveland could select is the Cleveland Rockers since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in the city itself.

Yes, it’s not the most original name out there, but it probably best suits the franchise and marketing is easy.

Creators of new “Rockers” merchandise would have a field with this new era in Cleveland baseball.

The club could also go with the nicknames, “Chords” or “Quartets” which isn’t terrible in my opinion.

It would still have that connection to music, which is something fans could appreciate.

Option No. 2

Another name choice is the “Cleveland Spiders.”

I bring this up because there used to be a pro baseball team with the same name from 1889 to 1899.

Hardcore baseball fanatics who remember or have heard of the Cleveland Spiders should appreciate having this name, even though it’s at the expense of losing the Indians.

This name change should soften the blow of losing Indians.

I’d be curious to see how fans react knowing the history of the Spiders and understanding they could have this name for more than just 10 years this go around.

Option No. 3

The “Cleveland Coyotes” are the third option to consider and would be a nice replacement for Cleveland Indians.

Coyotes are not native to Ohio, but they have created homes in 88 counties in The Buckeye State.

There are a few in the Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center & Woods Garden at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Not only is this an animal people enjoy, but it gives people creative opportunities to advertise the new nickname and make the logo seem intimidating.

Other animal options are crows and cranes, which sound okay.

And now your Cleveland Crows! Yeah, let’s roll with coyotes.

Yes, it will be a somber day when fans of the Cleveland Indians have to watch their team change their nickname.

But, the Cleveland Rockers, Cleveland Spiders, and Cleveland Coyotes are not bad alternatives for the next wave of Cleveland baseball.

It’s an opportunity to witness a new age and be a part of a special moment.

Which of these new names do you believe should replace Cleveland Indians? Leave a comment below.

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